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     There was a girl named Lilly who went to church every Sunday. She seemed to be timid because nobody ever heard her talking. She would sit in the church during the service never smiling at any one. As a matter of fact one Sunday morning I saw her crying out loud in the corner of the building. Every one just passed her by feeling quite uncomfortable about her tears but not knowing what to do about it. I for one did not want to go over to her and find out why she was crying. What could I have possibility done to help? We all just accepted that Lilly was messed up but not one of us had the courage to try and help her. We were church members who knew about the love of Christ. I for one just watched from a distance as we heard she had gotten involved with the wrong crowd. We heard that Lilly was taking drugs and that was just not acceptable for a Christian to do so we really looked at her with disgust and righteousness in ourselves. She should know better and she should not be acting like this. It was none of our problem as Lilly became more and more depressed with her life. It just looked hopeless for her as we all ignored her each and every Sunday morning. Then one Sunday morning we all heard the news. It was the devastating news that Lilly had died from an overdose of drugs. My first thought was it was her own fault and why had she done this to herself. Judgment towards her filled my heart. I sat and remembered the Sunday she was crying in the corner and nobody even stopped to see what was the matter. Then I thought of Jesus and what would he have done and I began to cry with remorse when I realized that each and every one of us in the church had neglected the calling of our Lord to reach out to those who are in need. Understanding that we all hurt at times and just someone acknowledging us and our sorrow might just be the key to healing in many situations. Why do we always ignore what we might not understand? Lilly is gone and I am still here wondering if I had only reached out and told her there was a better way that maybe she might have listened and lived. Think about it!

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