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     My heart is so moved by my children that I can not contain what I am about to say! I have been contemplating whether I should speak this out or whether I should hold this to my heart and not allow you to know what I am about to do! Telling you what I am about to say may change your course of action in this life and that may be good or it may be bad for you! You have to hold dear to your heart my truths from my word before you ever act on impulse. There are many scenarios of how to go about dealing with future events that will take place and if you by impulse just step into a situation that was not ordained by me you may create some unseen situations that would never have happened if you had waited upon my direction! With all that being said I have made a decision to tell my children what is about to happen so you may be aware and so you may prepare. America as you know it about to change and you will all be affected by it whether you are rich or whether you are poor. I have made myself known to the world and the world has rejected me and I have made my choice of how I will repay and justify what they have done with the consequences they will have to endure before this world as it is known no longer exists. I am God Almighty and no one may ignore my words of truth and live to go on another day without justice being done! I have been long patient in my response to the way the world ignores me and blatantly disobeys me! I am love but I also am judge! The event that is about to happen if I tell you in the fullness of it you will tremble and be in fear so I will spare you that! What I will do is tell you you must have things in order when it comes to preparation of food and money and family. Make peace with those you love because many will leave this planet unexpectedly as these devastations begin to excel. Timing is very critical now as I put together a place of refuge all across this nation! I will be transferring the wealth of the wicked to the just so as to keep them in my safe havens that are going to be built. Let it begin as I mold together my children into one body of my son, Jesus! The morphing has begun and you will no longer look to this life for your answers but to me. That is how it should have been from the beginning but we know our adversary came and stole you away from me. I have taken you back and you will be my people and I will be your God. Just as I took care of my people in the desert so to will I take care of you! I am telling you because very soon there will be an event so traumatic that you will not doubt what I am doing to prepare these arks for my chosen! For now you all are not so sure but you will be on board when this event happens. All I can say about the event so as not to put fear on you is it will be a world wide catastrophe that will affect every one. America will not be as bad off as the other countries in this event but it will come back to roost here too. The arks will go up very quickly and my people will come from all over to find refuge in them! This event will shake the very foundations of the earth and all will feel its wrath! It is a judgment that will fall down upon all who are in its path! As for my people you will know that I am serious in what I am going to do and it will motivate you to step up the pace and make these arks happen! You see there is still unbelief in how things are going to play out before my son returns. There will be no escaping this planet from the tribulation and until my people listen and store up what is necessary for survival they will suffer from lack of knowledge. Be sure that what my word says is truth and if my word does not say something you can not say it is truth! I am about to pour down my wrath and judgment as never before and my true bride will listen to what I am telling her! I have a place for you to be in one mind and one accord where you will be safe and you will see what happens. The earth will shake but you will be kept safe if you listen and find refuge in one of these ark havens that are being built. Those who do not heed my words and feel these words are not from me will deal with the world around them. Some will come home and will be spared as by fire. Not so for those who are listening to my Spirit for He has been telling you for some time to prepare. Those listening to what tickles the ears are in the dark. This is no longer the time for the world to be free but I will send my angels to bring down all the words spoken of in revelation! I love you and do not fear what you will see for it is I AM that has called you by name and will keep you safe in the palm of my hand! Get ready! The King of Glory will be coming! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

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