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     The word regrets haunts each of us if we let it. What does it mean to be regretful? Regret means to feel sorry about anything disappointing. Feelings of sorrow over what is lost, gone or done is also the meaning of regret. I do not think there is one person who at some point has not felt this emotion. We can look back at our lives and wish we had made different choices. We can think about loved ones who have passed on and we feel regret for not saying things that we felt in our heart to say. We can feel that we maybe said too many things that were upsetting to someone and wish we could take back what was said. There is always things we could have done at times and didn't. When we get older people regret their lives have passed by so quickly and they desire to go back and right the wrongs. Those who did not take care of themselves and are ill because of it may have regrets for the abuse they put their bodies through and are now suffering because of it. The list goes on and on if you are dissatisfied with your life. Unwarranted guilt will cause regrets when we think we could have done things differently and we feel guilt over it. People can slap regret on us because they feel you should have done something different in a circumstance. Whatever the reason we need not feel regret. Why should we not feel regret if we blew it. The Lord already knows we are sinners who make mistakes. He has forgiven each of us for any blunders we have committed providing we are sorry and learn and do our best to make right choices. We can not just do our own thing and keep hurting others purposely. I say that most people do not intentionally try to hurt anyone unless they are really messed up. If you are one of those people who feel regrets you have to come to grips with your life as it is. You have to accept whatever situation you are in and know God has the power to change anything He wants to. Mistakes are forgiven and if people choose not to forgive that is their problem not yours. What do we do then? We need to love ourselves for who we are. Mistakes and all fall into the category of mankind and sin and we can not escape it down here. We have all fallen short of being perfect so let's just accept reality and accept yourself. Walk every day with great expectation for your life. Let go of what you could have done and didn't. You are a child of God if you accept Christ and He will keep working in your life to create peace and harmony. If He uses all things for His good then we can not fail. God will use our mistakes to solve problems whether we know it or not. That does not give us the excuse to do whatever we want either. It just let's us off the hook when we do err by mistake. So what do you think? Can you forgive yourself and stop trying to go back to a time when you felt happier. You can be happy today in the situation you are in. Yes, you can if you let it all go and trust God. He is not up there with a big bat looking to hit us over the head. He is holding out His arms from side to side on a cross and saying , Father forgive them for they know not what they do. 

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