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Remember Who You Are



     You know what life is like to me? We are like the lost children on the milk cartons that every one sees and is watching out to hopefully find one day. These children that were abducted by some evil person for his or her own evil desires are in need of deliverance. These children belong to the parents that they were stolen from who are broken hearted because the child they love is now missing. A person who did not have the right came and stole that child from his rightful Father and mother. We all feel the pain when we see the amber alert go out for a child who becomes missing. Years go by and most of the time the child never returns to the parent. If by some chance the abductor keeps the child when they are found they are filled with brain washing and whatever the abductor taught them to believe. They are not the same person they were before they were stolen. The only hope is to find the child and bring that child back to the true parents and make them remember what their real life was like before they were abused. They need healing of all the horrible memories that were put in their souls and they have to fight to come back to the truth about who they really are.

To me we are just like the missing children who get abducted by the devil and we are treated cruelly and we are taught lies and deception. When we are found by our true Daddy, God, we then have to reprogram our souls to all the truth that we are supposed to believe. We have to learn the way of living as children of God rather than as a child of the devil. We have to enter in to our true abode and walk and talk with our real Father and communicate with truth. Only then can we find true peace and joy. Until we are found we are lost. I see children of God lost in this world of sorrow and deception and it breaks my heart. Only God can find one of His children and bring them home. The devil does not have a right to steal us away from our Father. Remember who you are and remember who your real Father is. Your real Father loves you and has nothing but blessings for you. Life throws us a lot of sorrow but when you walk next to your Father throughout your life He will be there to lead you home. Remember!


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