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Smile Today



          The words "smile today" were ringing in my head this morning as I woke up. I found that to be very intriguing. I looked up a bunch of words like joy and gladness. As I pondered what a smile actually was I realized that a smile is part of our countenance and when we are happy we do smile. If we are sad we tend to frown.  I decided to make the effort to smile for the day and realized that every time I purposed in my heart to smile I actually felt myself feeling the emotion of joy for the moment. I must be onto something I thought, as I walked through town and noticed how I felt every time someone smiled at me. I also noticed how I felt when someone looked at me with annoyance. I can tell you it was upsetting when I smiled and the person did not receive it but looked at me and just turned away. I am starting a smile outbreak today for any one who is willing to take this to heart and realize that joy and happiness are much healthier and peaceful then staying in the mode of sad, angry and depressed or any other word that fits when we are down and out. Enjoy your smile today! This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!

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