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So Sorry



     Julie and Harold were good friends. They hung out together all the time and had a lot of fun. On one particular day Julie got to talking about some situations she went through years before. Harold began to notice that some of things Julie was telling him did not seem to add up. In other words they did not seem that they could be true. He questioned her about it and she swore that what she told him were the facts. A bit disturbed about the conversation Harold ignored it and they continued their friendship. Some time later Julie was talking again about the same subject but her facts were different than she had told him the first time. He questioned her and she answered him by telling him he had remembered incorrectly. Harold questioned his own thoughts at that point and once again pushed it aside because the friendship meant everything to him. As time went on Harold began to notice more and more that Julie’s stories were changing from one moment to the next as she would go into details of circumstances that had happened. Harold started to doubt everything she was telling him and the day finally came when Julie apologized for her embellishing most of the things she was telling him. She assured him that she would not lie any more and the words she used were I am so sorry. Julie enjoyed the attention she received when she would come up with a story that sounded good or made her feel important. To make a long story short Julie continued her behavior of lying all the time. Harold called her out on each lie and every time Julie would answer with I am so sorry. Harold finally told her that to say you are sorry when you continue to do the same thing begins to mean nothing. True repentance comes from the heart and when one repents they change what they are doing. Harold and Julie’s friendship did not last because nothing they did together was truth any more and Harold could not accept deception from day to day. Where do you stand when it comes to speaking the truth? Think about it!

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