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                                        I Have Something Important To Say:




The Spirit is speaking to the churches in these last days. We as the body of Christ have to start listening to what He is trying to tell us. We are so involved in our lives that we ignore our spiritual side and we end up suffering because of it. We must recognize that He, the Holy Spirit enters our human spirit and then he begins to move our very soul to accomplish the work He is meant to fulfill. We have no clue the magnitude of His ability to administer His power upon the children of the Most High God. We are too busy living life. There is no life without God. We may think we are living our lives but we are not. The reason we have no life without God is because He created us to be part of Him. We were stolen and we are now so lost that we think this is what life is all about. We have been convinced by an enemy that we are living these great lives without God. Even the ones who think they have a relationship with God have been deceived. You can not just believe there is a God and all is good. Accepting the reality of Christ is only the beginning not the end. Life just begins for us when we realize what the Lord has done to set us free. Without the Holy Spirit we are powerless against the enemy. He is out to destroy us you know. Even if you do not accept the devil it does not mean he is not still coming to get you. The less knowledge you have the better for him. He can plan his attacks and we are clueless. Your life and my life have no purpose without God. We are just people who do whatever they do on a daily basis without any meaning to it. Unless we are doing what God purposes for us we are out of the loop. The loop meaning the spiritual Kingdom we are supposed to be part of. If I live my whole life and lose my soul what meaning did it have. Eternity is a very long time. If I do not follow my Lord into His Kingdom then I will be in the other ones kingdom. Time is really running out. We might think we have all the time in the world to do our thing in life but life has no promises. The only promise life truly has is Jesus and what he did for us to save our souls. Why is it we just do not have the time to watch out for our souls. We keep track of everything else accept the main part of us which is our spirit and soul. We are not even aware of it. We know that we have feelings but that is about it. We do not know that the enemy attacks our emotions. The battle ground is in the mind and our emotions. He lies to us and we accept it as the norm because we have not learned anything about our spiritual world. We are spirits with a soul and a body. We focus on the body first, the soul next and the spirit.We do not even know it exists. We know how we feel which is the soul. We feel our bodies everyday and how they feel. The spirit houses the Holy Spirit if we have accepted Christ and have been baptized with the Holy Spirit. If we can not connect to our spirit and listen we are in the dark. We need to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. He is telling us to get on board into the Kingdom of God. Follow Jesus and His teachings and allow the Holy Spirit to make His abode with you. He will lead us to all truth. That is His job and our job is to listen and follow. That makes us the true children of God. We were always meant to have fellowship with God and we still are. How exciting is that! We are meant to be one with God. Are you one with God? It is time to open up your heart and allow Him to come in!  



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