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Feb. 12th,2014



My Dearest Love,

         I saw you the day you stood with your hands raised up to heaven and longed to be with me. I watched your face shining as the sun glittered upon your cheeks. You wondered when we would meet and be together forever. I smiled as your heart spoke words of tenderness to me as the tears streamed down your face. I too felt an overwhelming emotion of relief as we shared a moment in time together. You and I connected souls when you realized that the truest of love in the entire universe comes from me. You had no doubt at that moment in time. It was but a moment when we as one were bound together. You knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was your redeemer and your Lord. It was more than just words to you. It was the truest of love and I too felt your soul. I too felt such joy unspeakable. I long to be with you when those feelings will not be fleeting but will be forever. The darkness that is in the world as you know was created by my enemy. It tries to cloud the truth about who you are and the relationship we have with one another. It is like a marriage when another man comes around and tries to steal the wife away with his deceptive charm. The wife in her loneliness and despair feels a false sense of comfort. The love that seems to come from this person is not true love but lust. My beautiful bride to be, I pray you learn the difference between true love and lust that only looks to please itself. Love gives all that is within the persons soul and binds with the other. Both persons are loyal and look to no one else. They know without a doubt that they have found true love and will never let it go. This is the love I have for you and I desire the same love back. My true bride loves me this way and I long for you to be free from this world of suffering and sorrow. Soon my love I will come and sweep you off of your feet into my Kingdom forever. I am so excited as the Father has assured me the time is very soon. I have prepared a home for us and it is quite magnificent. You will be in awe at the sight of heaven. The Son shines forever. You know I am the Son of the Living God and my light from within my heart shines from the throne and lightens up heaven. I am asking you to once again stand in the sun and look up towards the heavens and feel my love for you. Do not be deceived by this man who is trying to steal you away. I know that there are temptations in life that can look pleasing to the soul. The end there of is death and that would truly break my heart. You may not know this but my heart does break at the loss of my children to the darkness that permeates from the enemy. He commits adultery all the time with my bride. You have to my love realize this, so you can stay in the Son shine of my love and protection. Be not deceived but listen to my Spirit. Come back into the Son and let me shine upon your face forever. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be swift in my return for you. I will end this letter with a word of inspiration. My love for you is filled with all the joy you have ever felt in your life. It is combined with all the happy memories you have and every moment of peace you have ever felt. The moments when you knew that life was good and that there would be a happy ending to the story. True love never fails. It does not matter what happens but love will always win. Take every love story you have ever read or have seen in a movie and combine them all together and that still does not compare to the love I have for you. I am Jesus!


Love forever,



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