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Sparkles in the Sunlight





     Sarah woke up for the first time in many years actually feeling a sense of purpose for her life. She was a loving, caring person who felt life was passing her by very quickly with no feeling of accomplishment. She helped people by giving money to the needy and the things that many of us do to reach out to the less fortunate but for Sarah depression was always there to rob any joy she might have in doing good. This particular morning Sarah woke up feeling refreshed and got up and glanced out of her window to see the snow falling gently on the ground. It was so beautiful. As she gazed at the falling snow flakes the sun came out and made the snow glisten. She watched each flake coming down ever so slowly as the sun shined and caused the snow flakes to glitter. Sarah saw the beauty in nature for the first time in many years and realized that life although it can be hard and sometimes quite depressing always has something within our reach to sway us from feeling sorry for ourselves to appreciating the true beauty of being alive. Look and see creation and the awesomeness of it and allow the joy of living to come back into your soul. Sarah had a moment in time to remember as the snow continued to glitter as it fell upon the ground! Think about it! Have a great day!


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