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Spazzy Ducks


     Harry was a farmer who raised ducks. Louise was a friend who came to visit one day and noticed a few baby ducks that were not with the others and it was obvious there was something wrong with them. Each of them was throwing their head back and flinging it from side to side. Not to sound cruel but the term she used to describe them was the word spazzy as she did not know why they were doing this.


She asked her friend why they were not with the rest of the ducks and he told her he put them aside so they would die. He said they were sick and he wanted nothing to do with them. Her heart went out to these poor little baby ducks and she asked him if she could take them rather than leave them to starve to death. He told her to take them if she wanted and Louise took them home and let them walk around the barn. She fed them and accepted them as they were. Louise didn’t care that they had this spazzy condition.


As far as she was concerned they were alive and needed to be taken care of. Putting them to death just seemed cruel and she felt the need to rescue them. To make a long story short she ended up with four of these ducks and every one of them stopped throwing their head back and began to thrive.


They grew to be four beautiful healthy ducks and Louise loved them as her pets. One was blind and the other three made sure he made it back to the barn every night because they sensed his need and watched out for him. Louise thought to herself that we do the same thing with people because we look at those who are different and instead of accepting them for who they are we put people in different categories rather than just loving each other. Louise had a relationship with God and understood that God loves us just the way we are and when we allow Him to be part of our life He makes us what we are intended to be whether we have flaws or not.


Louise recalled the Rudolf Christmas cartoon with the land of misfit toys that were abandoned because they had flaws. Just like the ducks they were cast away and all they wanted was to be loved and accepted. She remembered how she felt their pain as she watched and understood. When the toys ended up being accepted by children they were happy. Louise like many of us already know how hard it is in this world. A little bit of love and acceptance goes a long way. Think About It!


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