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Surprise Lobsters




      It was dinner time at the Jones house and this particular night they had nothing to eat but tuna fish sandwiches. I have to say it was not tops on their list of fantastic meals. Times were tough so they all laughed about it and began to share with one another what they would all rather be eating. They prayed the prayer of thanksgiving for the meal and continued to laugh and share how they really wanted to have steak or lobster for dinner. They were appreciative of the meal that night in spite of the desire to want something better. As they sat there the phone rang and it was a friend who was asking if they would be interested in six lobsters that had been given to them. They did not like lobsters and thought of calling us to see if we would take them off of their hands. Well needless to say we told them to come on over and guess what we had for dinner that night? You guessed it lobsters. What are the chances of that happening? Well it is a true story and the morale of it is we should stop complaining so much in life and just be thankful for the many little blessings we have each day and choose to ignore. Just maybe if we appreciate what we do have we might receive something we truly desire. If it happened for us it could happen for you. Think about it! Have a great day!


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