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The Bee



     Lilly was between the age of ten and twelve years old. The age is irrelevant, it is the story I would like you to read. Her family had an above ground pool and every day the pool would have a whole bunch of bugs that had to be scooped out before you could swim. It was a pain to deal with these annoying bugs that fell into the water and literally drowned. It was her job to clean out the pool this day so she assessed how many bugs she would have to scoop out before the family could go swimming. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of these gross bugs and who cared whether they lived or died. They were bugs and we squish them all the time when they get in our way. As Lilly was scooping out the bugs with the net she noticed this bug moving ever so rapidly in the pool water. She looked very closely and she could see it was struggling for it's life. As she looked closer she could see it was a bee. Lilly was very afraid of bees because they sting and she had been stung before while she was climbing the latter into the pool. The day she got stung the bee nailed her on the hand as she grabbed the latter to climb up it. She watched the bee struggle to survive and she welled up with compassion for the bee that was about to die in the water. Her fear of getting stung kept her from reaching in and saving the drowning bee. She realized the bee was very weak from the struggle so she figured the bee would be too weak to sting her. If she was careful the bee would not have the chance to sting her. If she didn't take the bee out of the pool it would surely drown. This may seem rather crazy but Lilly at this moment in time took notice to life and death. It was just a bug and had no significant purpose that she could see but inside she just felt bad that this little creature would be dead if she did not intervene. It was a decision she had to make. She could either walk away and let the bee die or reach in and possibly get stung to try and save it's life. Her heart was torn between the fear she felt and the compassion to help. It seems so ridiculous for her to even care whether the bee lived or died. It was just a bug so who really cared. For some reason Lilly could not just watch this poor bee struggle for it's life. She got a dish to put the bee on after retrieving it and she reached in and scooped it out. It laid in the net looking quite lifeless so her fear diminished a bit. She then had a thought to give the bee some honey to maybe give it back some strength. Lilly ran into the house and got some honey and put it at the end of a stick so she could try and give it to the bee. She put it directly in front of the bees face and to her amazement what looked like a tongue came out and actually licked the honey off the end of the stick. Lilly watched the bee sucking up the honey and all her fear left as she could see the bee coming back to life. The bee began to move it's wings to allow the water to dry off. Lilly kept watching as the bee moved into position to fly away. The wings began to flutter around and off the bee flew into the air. It was unbelievable to her as she saw a creature so close to death come back to life right before her eyes. She was overwhelmed with emotions at the struggle with life and death. All creatures are alive and live in this world and we as humans take no regard for them at all most of the time. Why would Lilly reach out to a bug in this way? It really just seems crazy. Why would she put her fear to the side to save a bee that is about as important as nothing? Heroes are born all the time because they push away their own fears to save another persons life. It does not even matter if they die in the process they just act at that moment in time. Love is very powerful. I would not say Lilly was a hero but I can think of one man whose entire purpose for being born was to come into this world and save all of mankind by giving His life. He put aside His fear and laid down His life for any one who will accept His sacrifice. How precious is life? Think about it! Have a great day. This is a true story!

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