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The Flower Petal

     Winter was approaching and there was a chill in the air. It had been a very wet summer and the hail storm that hit over the summer damaged the fruit trees and vegetables and many of them never produced.  Even the flowers were scarce that summer and the beauty that usually permeates the entire region was just not there. Mary was sick with a cold as she walked around the property noticing all the leaves that had fallen off of the trees and the vines that were hanging from the grapes that didn’t produce anything. There was no grape jelly this year. All in all it was quite depressing for her.


As she walked about she noticed something across the yard that stood out from amongst the leaves. It was glistening in the sun and was standing all by itself as if to say “Here I am”. As she strutted across the yard to her amazement it was a rose pedal that was still hanging on the stem. It was bright red and as the sun shined upon it the color was brilliant. It was only one petal but Mary knew that it represented the life that had been there. The life that would spring forth when winter was over .Spring would bring in the new growth for next years season. Each year the cycle of life takes place in the seasons and brings a fresh new beginning. Don’t ever forget how beautiful life can be even when it seems dark and dim. Each day is a new beginning for each of us with the opportunity to make a difference. Think about it! Have a great day!


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