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The Grass is Greener


​     I looked across the street the other day and noticed my neighbors had bought a brand new Mercedes. I felt jealous as I glanced at our ten year old Volkswagen. They also had recently put up a beautiful fence around the entire property. The house was gorgeous too. You know the type of home we would all love to own but cannot afford. They had recently moved into the neighborhood so we did not know them and to be honest with you most of us felt uncomfortable because they seemed to be out of our class as far as financial wealth was concerned. When we feel envy we just get this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of our stomachs as we try to rationalize our uncalled for jealousy. What’s the big deal anyway if someone has more than we do? We just don’t like it. After all it is not fair that we can’t have what they have too. I went about my day and pushed aside my envy for awhile until I came home and saw them having a built in pool put in the back yard. You have to be kidding me I thought as I went into the house. By the way the lawn was so green that it made mine look sick. I cooked dinner for my family and went to bed feeling sorry for my self and the struggle that I had to even pay the bills. The next morning I looked out the window and saw a child being pushed in a wheel chair into the home who had obviously lost her leg. I then took a good look at my child who was running around our yard playing basketball. The grass is not greener on the other side so take a moment and appreciate the blessings we do have. Think about it! Have a great day!

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