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The Green Garden








My Dearest Love,


     I want to show you something so beautiful that you will never forget. I am in your heart my love and I will speak to you through my Spirit. Take but a moment of your time and look to me. My love for you remains forever and will increase as time goes on. Love never fails and the oneness gets stronger and the love grows deeper and deeper as time goes by. Time seems to move very quickly at times and then there are other times it seems to linger on and on. While I await my return I have been searching my heart and remembering when we walked in the garden. I know you personally have not walked with me as Adam and Eve did but I have joy in remembering what it was before the fall. I want to take you back to that place of peace and serenity as I express my most inner feelings. There was a day that I walked through the garden and spoke about the flowers I created and all the colors of the rainbow. I express my feelings when I envision the beauty of it all and then speak it into existence. Each and every flower pedal is my art work for you my love. I put in place all of nature and its uttermost magnificence just so you could see it and feel the peace from the radiance of it all. I combined colors and shapes and created such beauty for your eyes to gaze upon. It is like bringing a bouquet of flowers to someone you love. I brought the beauty of nature to my creation. The expression of my love is for you. Have you ever sat and watched a sunset? The rays of color just move the soul. Your soul is touched because I put it there just for you to see. If you look at life and the beauty that is out there your thought will focus on it rather than the darkness that can be lurking. Smell a flower next time you see one and take in the fragrance that I put within it. Each flower has a different perfume that is unique to its kind. The prayers of my saints have a sweet smelling savor that extends into heaven as my Father looks down. My love for you is endless. I truly want you to experience what I am saying. These words are for my bride to be. There was a day I remember distinctly when I walked around the garden and spoke about each and every flower and how I spoke the fragrance into existence. You were in awe at creation and the beauty was breath taking. The beauty is still breath taking even in this fallen world if you look beyond the clouds and see the Son. I am the way , the truth and the life. No man really can come to the Father but by me because I have redeemed you my love from destruction of your soul. I came because my true love for you could not stand by and watch you be taken by the stranger who you do not really know very well. Will you walk with me today in my garden and let me show you how much I love you. Take a moment and sit and meditate on what I am telling you my love. Winter is cold and harsh but spring and summer shine my beauty for all to see. It can not be denied the awesomeness of nature. Even in winter I put my touch of creativity in each snow flake that falls to the ground. My existence can not be denied. Will you spend time with me today my love. Talk to me for I hear your every word. I even hear the unspoken words from your heart. Allow me to embrace you and comfort you while you await my return. I too long for the marriage supper of the Lamb. I am the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. I chose to come and rescue my bride. I am the true bridegroom who will never ever stop loving you. Let me hold your hand and walk with you in my Kingdom on earth. My Kingdom is at hand for my true love to stay close to my side. I know it is hard for you to understand but I am real and my love is true. I desire to be one with you. You have to believe in me and allow me to show you who I Am. I Am Jesus! I Am the bridegroom who will come for you my bride. I Am so in love with you that words can not truly do justice. While you await my return keep your focus on the beauty I have bestowed upon the earth and think of me when you see a flower or a sunset. Think of me when the sun shines through the clouds. Think of me always as I think of you always. Until we meet my love hold onto true love because it never fails.


                                                                                                               Love forever,


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