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The Kitten


  It was a quiet day in the neighborhood accept for the meowing of a kitten that could be heard coming from an abandoned garage down the block. Laura was an animal lover and became quite disturbed when she noticed the boys who lived on the block laughing as they stood by the garage. As she passed by they began to tell her how they had been tormenting a kitten by pulling its tail and throwing it back and forth. They all knew she loved animals and that this would hurt her. They said they were going to bury it alive and they smirked as they told her of their dirty deeds.





















She was sickened by this cruel and uncaring act of violence against a tiny helpless animal. Righteous anger welled up inside of her and she walked into the abandoned garage and saw the helpless kitten laying there obviously stunned by the actions taken against it.  Such cruelty was such a shock to her as she picked up the frightened kitten and held it tight in her arms. She will never forget how shaken the kitten was and her act of kindness that saved the kittens life from the clutches of cruelty.




















There are two sides in this life but kindness is always rewarded with inner peace. This is a true story. Think about it! Have a great day!

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