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The Only Way Out


I do not think any one will dispute with me that we are in this world. We can not escape it and we have no choice but to deal with this life one way or another. We could end our lives by suicide but we all fear the unknown and what comes after death. We say we believe in the ever after but do we really? We have been taught that killing oneself is wrong so we stay away from that solution. Those who entertain suicide are desperate to escape this life. Their choice to stay here and deal with whatever they have to deal with is just not worth it to them? They feel there is no escape from the agony they are feeling in their soul. They are convinced that there is no alternative to their anguish so the risk of the unknown no longer seems to be such a risk. They would rather take the chance of going into oblivion rather than staying in the mess they feel they are in. They look at all the alternatives and come up with only one answer which is to run away. Suicide is running away from your life and because of the desperation the rational mind becomes clouded and there is only one way out. To end all the pain is the only thought that takes over. The inevitable happens when the person goes beyond reason or beyond all hope. There are times in this life we have no control over what may be happening to us. It is the hardest feeling a person can have when destruction is eminent and you have no power to stop it. Our human soul feels many different feelings throughout our lives and when we entertain all the bad things in this life that could happen to us we live in a world of d illusion. We have to at some point in our lives come to some kind of a belief. Walking blind in life is dangerous and will lead to all sorts of fears and sorrows. Being out of control is truly disturbing unless you believe there is a God who has the ultimate say. Let me change that just a bit. Believing that there is a God who has the ultimate say only comforts the soul when you know He loves you. Believing in God means nothing if you feel no connection to Him at all. If you think God is not on your side then there is no comfort for your soul. Faith or belief in something does come by hearing it. Whether it is true or not is irrelevant. If we hear something enough times our soul absorbs the message like a computer and unless we resist it it will penetrate and become reality to us. We all know the stories of brain washing. They take a person and repeat over and over what they want the person to believe. They can take a normal person and pretty much persuade them to accept anything with enough time and constant beating down of their will. This is a harsh message for some to hear but it can change you if you will listen to this truth. God our Father knows an enemy has taken many of us into his camp and has been brain washing us for years. Through this world system and our every day lives we hear things that are just not true. The evil one wants us to believe there is no God and if we do believe there is we think He is not fair. We are being tortured by evil and we don't even know it. He has made this life look so good in our eyes that we believe we are succeeding and all is well. There is no all is good in this world. This life is unpredictable and fleeting. We have no true security. I am telling you the only true answer for us is to believe the real truth. What is that? God came down from His thrown to save our lives from destruction. He loved us so much that He gave up His life to save our souls. The enemy will be bound one day and we will be free. There is always hope and whether we live or die in Christ we are free for eternity. Life is not meaningless. Life has the purpose of us becoming one with our Father and receiving all that He has for us. It begins to turn around for you and me the minute our spiritual eyes open up and we recognize our Father. Jesus is truly who He said He was. He is coming back for us and there is nothing that can separate us from Him. The only separation is whether we believe it or not. Accept God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as one today and allow them to show you the way out of whatever situation you may be in. They love you and suicide is not the way out for anyone. What if hell is real and you end up there. Your agony in this life will seem like a piece of cake compared to the description of hell. If you think you are in hell in this life and you refuse to acknowledge Christ as your Savior this place we live in will be the closest thing to heaven you will ever see. In other words Jesus as our sacrifice for sin allows us to enter into heaven. Without Him we are sinners who can not be part of a Holy place, heaven. This life will pass away when we die and we end up on the other side. What side do you want o be on, Heaven or hell? I think most people have enough smarts to figure that out but if you are one who thinks hell will be one big party you must really think about that for a minute. Is there any honor among thieves. You can never trust a liar because when they are good at it they can convince you of just about anything. Truth is the only answer. Jesus tells us that He is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Him. Is that truth or is that a lie? It is your ultimate choice what you decide to believe. If you choose Jesus He will lead you to all truth by His Spirit. If you decide that this life is more important than God you will lose your life. You can not have it both ways. Either you love one or you love the other. Either God is more important to you or your own will and life is. I am here to tell you that following Jesus is the only solution. I have seen first hand His miraculous intervention on my behalf. God and His Kingdom are more real than this world we live in.

The bible tells us we are supposed to be in this world but not of this world. I think the real problem comes down to us focusing on ourselves rather than God. Even Christians can not let go of them selves and surrender their lives to God. We feel the need to exist as individuals and we will just not give that up. Husbands and wives can't even become one with each other. We are so afraid if we let go we will fall apart and no longer be ourselves. You have to know who yourself actually is in order to become who you truly are. Who are you? I will tell you who you are. Who am I to say that? I am just one person who lives on planet earth who has walked with the Lord and I have loved Him for a long time now. I have seen His Mighty hand of mercy and healing in my life many times over. I am one who is talking by experience and facts. I would challenge any one who would deny the existence of my God. My God is real and does love us. Who are we? We are children of the Most High God and He created us in His image and likeness. An enemy came and stole many of us away and God is coming after us to bring us back home. He is telling us about His Kingdom and leading us back into it. When we as the children of God get it and realize how much we love Jesus we will stop being selfish. Our love for Him will exceed anything we would ever want in this world and we will then find our lives and who we really are supposed to be. We are not part of this world as the children of God. We do not fit in with this cruel life around us. There is only one escape from your misery. Jesus is the only answer and only He will defeat the evil that has consumed this world . He will come and rescue us once again and turn this world right side up. Get on board and keep watching for your redemption draweth nigh. The King of Glory will return Psalm 24.


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