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The Other Side


     Lily was beside herself as she prepared for the funeral of her husband. This was her best friend and after almost 26 years of marriage it was going to be over. He had fought the good fight of faith as a man of God but it seemed it was the time for him to depart from this earth. There was no way of escaping the unpredictable future that was ahead of her. God had spoken to her heart about taking him home a year before but she did not know for sure what was going to happen. She had hoped the outcome would have been different but now it seemed that her heart had heard correctly from the Lord. She was so tense that she could hardly function. She felt as if she was going to break apart at any moment in time as the grief was so unbearable. She too thought she may not make it through this. How could this be real? There was no way to know what was in her future. Gloom and doom looked eminent as she watched her husband lay there in the hospital in a coma. As the week passed by slowly she tried to get a grip on the plan God might have for her future without her husband. She had to leave the hospital and catch a moment of peace by herself so she went to the church where she was preparing to hold the funeral service. While she was walking across the room she stopped dead in her tracts and she sensed the presence of her husband standing in front of her. She said out loud” Is that you Dave?” She listened to what she felt was being told to her by him. His first sentence was I did not know I was in a coma for a week and I am sorry you had to go through that. He was unemotional as he spoke these words to her. The cell phone rang and she ran to answer it as his daughter told her he had just died five minutes ago. Lily was ecstatic as she knew for sure it was Dave speaking to her. It was in no way a coincidence that she felt him there right after he had died. She ran into the other room and proceeded to listen to whatever else he had to say. He then told her that his death was the Father's decision because he was too sick to do what was needed to finish the work of the Lord. He told her that timing was very critical in this world and the Holy Spirit had to finish what He needed to do. He told her not to worry about money and he then ended with, it is all good, it is all good. Lily was so caught up in this that it settled her soul as to the why and if he could tell her it was all good then it must be. Her husband had moved into the Kingdom of God on the other side and when we go there was have no more tears. Dave was not in sorrow for Lily because he knew that God had a plan for Lily. On the other side we do not grieve when we leave our loved ones. Why? They know we will all be together again in time and time on the other side is not like it is here. We seem to have no patience in waiting to see those we love again. If you see life and death the way God does you will by pass some of the grief just by knowing they are not dead but more alive then they were when they were here on earth. This is true story! Think about it!  

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