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     Carol just loved the Christmas season. She walked by a man who was dressed up in the Santa suite ringing the bell for money to help the needy and she reached into her pocket and threw in a few quarters. Carol was not poor so she was able to do her shopping for the holidays without a problem. It was such a happy time for her and when she went home that night she passed by one of her neighbor’s houses and grunted as she looked at the man in ragged clothing reaching into his mailbox. She thought of how sloppy the house looked from not being taken care of for years.


Carol went into her own beautiful home and prepared dinner. The next day she saw the man again and the same disgusted feeling came over her as she watched him hobble down the block. She went shopping again and felt good about herself as she threw in another few quarters for the poor. On her way home her car wasn’t driving right and it stalled right in front of her sloppy neighbor’s house. As she got out to walk home the neighbor came out and approached her asking if she needed help. That’s alright she said I only live down the block. No problem he told her I used to be a mechanic before I had my car accident that left me crippled. He hobbled over and started the car for her. Carol asked him what happened and he told her he had lost his family in a car accident and was no longer able to work. He said it has been such a struggle to financially make it and deal with the loss of his family.


Carol’s heart was really moved that day and she went and filled his refrigerator with food and invited him over for Christmas dinner. She gave him a chance to be with a family during the holiday. She learned a good lesson about judging others and how great it actually feels to help the needy. Think about it! Have a great day!


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