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Too Many Clouds



I walked and walked and walked one day trying to see into eternity. I gazed up at the heavens and tried to look beyond the clouds. I could see no sun and it sure looked dark and gloomy. I could not imagine what life held for me in the future and it seemed rather dim. My emotions played a big role in what I was feeling at that moment in time and I had no explanation that made any sense for the loss I had just gone through. The love of my life had been taken away from me without any rhyme or reason as far as I was concerned. My future was unsure and I could find no security in myself or in this life. Any purpose I thought I had was turned into dust as I floundered around to make this sorrow have some sort of meaning to it. I looked up once again into the heavens hoping to see a glimpse of eternity but once again the clouds were dark and there was no sun. After walking for some time I knew if I was going to make it through this day I would have to accept my fate and continue on believing that life had not let me down. I tried to muster up enough faith to believe that just maybe God up above had a plan for me in all of this. As I stood still and stared into the clouds they seemed to move apart and the sun beamed down upon my face. The warmth and the brilliance of the glistening sun upon my cheeks gave me a whole new outlook on my life and the future that it held for me. The purpose to this story is to help us all to realize that life has its ups and downs but when it is dark and cloudy the sun is always shining just behind them. If we look beyond our situation we will see a brighter future up ahead of us if we just keep on going. After losing one love I have to say that I did meet another just up the road of life and the sun now is truly shining once again. Never give up on the beauty that life can give us even when it is dark and dim. This is a true story! Think about it! Have a great day!



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