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​Touch My Heart

    Samantha was sick and tired of the struggle she was going through. Every day seemed like an endless journey of suffering and sorrow. Her best friend walked out of her life after judging her for something she had done wrong. She didn’t care anymore whether she lived or died. The whole world to her was made up of plastic people who seemed to have no heart and soul. She herself was beginning to understand because she too had hardened her heart and didn’t care about anybody. It was tough luck and we all had to deal with life in our own way and handle our own situations without anybody giving a hoot. Samantha could care less at this point. There was nobody she had any love for and what was the point. As Samantha walked home one day she noticed an old man sitting on the curb near her house and as she passed by he smiled and nodded his head. Her first thought was he looked like a bum but as she glanced back a second time she noticed how his eyes glowed in the sunlight as he grinned.  She couldn’t get the look on his face off of her mind as she kept seeing that glowing smile and glitter in his eyes. Passing by the next day Samantha decided to stop and chat with him and to her amazement he was homeless. She boldly asked him why he was smiling in spite of his circumstances and his reply was “Madam I have been around a long time and have been rich and poor and have come to the conclusion that life is too short to feel sorry for myself. If I make the best of each day things have a way of working them selves out. It can always be worse,” he said. “It is summer time so I am not freezing. I have a job that pays me every week so I am not starving. Today I have an appointment with a landlord so I will probably get a place to live today. You see young lady life is wonderful!” “Wow!” said Samantha. Think about it! Have a great day!

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