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True Hopes and Dreams



     We have hopes and dreams in our lives that motivate us. These dreams for our future involve our own self interest in what we want. In itself the desires of our heart are not wrong unless we have evil intentions. We feel that life has no purpose unless we achieve the goals we set out to accomplish. Goals that we set before us can become obsessive and when we feel the need to make them happen in this way it puts a focus totally on self. As the children of God our focus should not be self motivated. Our true fulfillment comes when we recognize our inabilities in our self and allow the gift from God of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our lives. The person of the Trinity who comes into our human spirit is to lead us to all truth and that the truth would set us free. In this journey of life the only way to truly live is to die to self. Dying to self comes with the reality of the Kingdom of God and the purpose you have in being one of God’s children. When you finally let go of your own selfish needs and get a grip on the reality that there is nothing more important than the Kingdom of God and its truth, then and only then will your life really begin, right here on earth. Reaching out to the lost children who are floundering to exist and feel loved and telling them who their true Father is, is why Jesus came. The mission we all have is to continue telling the world this truth so they can receive everything the Father wants to give them. What is it the Father wants to give us? Eternal life with Him through His son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit given to us so we can walk in the Kingdom of our Father right here on earth. The Kingdom of God is at hand means that we, the children of God are in this world but not part of this world. When we finally get this truth we step into His Kingdom and begin to learn who we really are as the children of the Most High God. It is absolutely amazing what you will learn as you keep on walking through life with God as your Father, Jesus as your Lord and the Holy Spirit as the comforter and teacher.


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