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     We all live in this world, some as brothers and sisters which are family and the rest we usually could care less about. Why should we really pay any attention to people who we do not even know? Most people go about their daily lives unaware of anybody but themselves and their immediate family members. Does it really matter to us what other people do or say if it does not affect us on a personal level? Could it actually affect us? What we do not know can not hurt us can it?

This is where we have to see beyond the realm of the natural eye. What am I talking about? I am talking about the realm of what we call the spiritual. This is the area of our lives where we are most ignorant. The reason for this is because we can not see it. What we do not see we do not believe. That is where we fail as human beings because we do not realize that we exist because we are spirit beings. When the spirit leaves the body the body stops functioning and we call this death. Can a spirit that lives forever just stop existing or does it actually go somewhere else? That is a question we need an answer to. The spiritual realm that we all shy away from is more real than this realm. The spiritual realm is where we receive the Holy Spirit and we connect to Him through our own human spirit by allowing Him to motivate us. That is what makes the difference between those who are loving and those who are cruel. One person is moved by God and the other is moved by the devil. These are two spiritual beings that influence us everyday. You say well that is just a bit too far fetched for me to believe. If you acknowledge there is a God than you have already accepted this spiritual realm. God who is our Father created us in His image and likeness so we could be part of His world. Because of our disobedience we blew paradise and now we are suffering the consequences. God has a plan of redemption and that is His son Jesus who became a man so we could once again begin to walk into that spiritual realm. We are supposed to learn how to be the children of God in this world as we grow in knowledge of who we really are. There is a whole world of excitement and adventure for anyone who chooses to follow the leading of God through the Holy Spirit. Our true identities are meant to come out as we search our hearts and recognize that we are in this world but not really part of this world. We are the children of the most high God and we are to act like our true Father. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and Jesus loved us enough to die so we could be returned back to our rightful place as the sons and daughters of the Most High God. What you do not know about other people can hurt you because we deal with evil everyday and without our eyes being opened to the spirit world, we will be deceived and that can destroy us. We all have brothers’ and sisters that are also God’s children and we do need each other and the connection with God to get us through this life as peaceful as possible. There are also people who are not the children of God and they are the ones who the enemy will use to try and mess us up. Listen to what the Spirit is saying and learn what it is to be a true believer in Christ. The Holy Spirit will lead each and every one of us to all truth!


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