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                                                   What Has He Done?



It is disgusting what Satan has done to God's people. We need to stop and think about this for one minute. We always focus on God and why doesn't He just stop all this mess we are in. The blame is on a Father who loves us and is still very much taking care of us. This war or battle or this life with God and evil functioning around us is where we all live. We can not escape this world and the way it is. At times we wish we could get the heck out of here but the truth is we are stuck until it is over. Until what is over? Until your life ends or Jesus comes back and straightens it all out. Those are the facts. Saying all that I have to say there is some solution to this problem of life and the sufferings. Although we can not escape we can learn what it is all about which will give us a heads up. When you sit in a dark room and can not see what is going on around you it becomes scary. You are not sure what may enter the room without you knowing it so the darkness can be fearful for us. This is where God in his mercy for us has made a way for His Holy Spirit to come into our hearts to guide us and lead us to all truth. The truth helps us see into the darkness of the room so we are aware of what is actually going on. The darkness we experience can be life and all the confusion and not understanding what it is all about. Some would say we can never figure out this life and the why to it all. That is just not true. I have been around and have learned through experience many spiritual things. The bible is the map or the plan for our lives and tells us plainly what we need to do and how to do it. We have been so deceived by this enemy that we have blinders on our eyes and our ears. We neither see the truth nor do we hear it. We so enjoy our lives and the way we live them every day that we do not even think about God. Many people just do not believe. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to you and you will hear if you truly want to know the truth. God will never keep you in the dark if your desire is to know the truth about Him. If He is our true Father then somewhere deep inside of us we love Him. If He is not your Father you will never love Him but you will be a lover of self and follow the evil that is trying to take over. The devil will demand allegiance to himself once he takes his position as the anti Christ. When that happens it is in God's ultimate plan to throw him off course and finally put him where he belongs. We have nothing to fear but what we have to do is wise up and take our place as the children of the Most High God. The first thing we must do is stop blaming God for everything that goes wrong in our lives. We need to get over it because God did not do any of this to us. Let us get that right before we open our eyes to the truth of who we are and what are we supposed to do. God created Lucifer as a beautiful angel who allowed pride to take over. We all have heard that story of how he made war in heaven. That really did happen. It was not God's fault and God threw him out along with the angles that chose to follow him. Now we have all these angels with no place to go out there searching to find a purpose. They have a leader who has just been beaten and they know they blew it for eternity. Our Father has a plan already set before the foundations of the world. The plan is to create us in His image and His likeness so we can be added to His army. Love and faithfulness is what motivates the army of the Lord. You may think how crazy is it that we were created to be in His army. Keep reading it will all make sense. We sing the songs about being the army of the Lord and how nice they are but it never really hit me until recently that we really are an army for real. We were created for this very purpose so we all have the natural instinct to fight evil. We truly hate evil in our very souls but we have suppressed many of these feelings because of life. We have become so filled and overwhelmed with this life that we deal with everyday that the spiritual side of us is ignored. We are spirit beings before we are flesh. The spirit is what keeps us alive and functioning in our bodies. Our soul connects to our spirit and our body by feeling what it feels. Whether we feel the truth or the lies our human soul accepts whatever we receive and believe. This is where the enemy has come in and influenced us. We are so caught up with life and going to work and taking care of our families that our souls are starving for fellowship with our God. If in fact we were created to be a part of God and to be in His Kingdom where are we right now? How do we get back to where we belong.? We have the fight in us to prevail against evil then why do we sit and accept all the garbage that gets thrown our way? I will tell you why I believe we do. We have no clue what is going on. You might say how is it I am writing to you about what I believe to be true. It is not just that I believe this to be true I have seen it to be true over and over again in my life. I have seen death and life right in front of my own eyes and know that Jesus is who he says He is and He does heal today. This battle will continue until the final ending takes place. We can stay in ignorance and get kicked around by evil or we can stand up and fight the good fight of faith and watch the enemy crash. No matter what we see or experience the outcome will be the same. The place we play in all this depends on our belief in our Father and what He has mapped out for us in His word. If we follow the clues in the bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit we will take our places in the battle and fight. It is time to get angry at the devil and realize what he has done to God's creation. Look around and get some righteous anger at how he has mutilated human beings. Babies born deformed and children dying of cancer. The innocent suffering for no apparent reason. The pain and anguish we feel just dealing with this life as it is. We struggle each and every day to get by some times. Our emotions are on the verge of despair many times as we watch loved ones suffer. The wars that kill people as if it means nothing. The accidents that take lives. The temptations that put us in bondage as addictions control our bodies. The filthy lustful perversions that we have to keep our children safe from. There is so many things I am sure I do not have to list them all. We can all see that it is disgusting what has happened to human beings in this world. We turn our anger at God because we feel He is the one in control so why does He continue to watch us suffer this way. This enemy fought God and lost. This enemy then came and convinced man to not believe what God told them and won that battle. The army of the Lord began to grow through each trial and tribulation. The strength of man and his ability to see into the spiritual world has grown as time went on. Take a weak man and make him lift weights. Through the muscle pain he feels he will get stronger and stronger as the muscles build up. Does he enjoy the pain? No ,but does he like the results after the pain goes and he sees the new body. This is what we are all going through. It will be the new body of Christ as we are transformed into this army that God has created. We have the fight in us. Look at the stories we see of survival. It is amazing to watch the fight in man to survive and fight to live. We fight to live because we were never meant to die. Even when our bodies do stop we move into the spirit realm. This realm is real and it is all around us. We need to become aware of it and stand tall as a child of God. Use the weapons of your warfare and hold on tight to truth. Get righteous anger at evil. Righteous anger means we have the right to be angry at it. We have the right to be angry at Satan for deceiving the children of God. Adam and Eve were tricked. Evil will pay the price for what he has done to God's children. Be part of this army and you will find your place in life. Will your life stay the same as it is now? You will probably continue to go to work and do many of the same things you do but your life will change. We are in this world but not part of this world. We belong to the Kingdom of God and when we walk in that we have power to do the bidding of God. We will live our lives in abundance and know that God has our back at all times in this battle. I have seen Him step in and change a situation just because he loves me. He is not the one making us suffer. Turn to the one who has created this mess and start fighting on the side of God to help set the captives free.

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