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What If ?


      What if you found out something so amazing that it was impossible for you to contain it? You discovered something that changed your life forever. The truth that you now know is so valuable that silver and gold could not pay for it. Life as you knew it has changed and will never be the same again. It is so precious to you and you know that everyone who believes it will be able to share the same experience you have. This truth is so real you can taste it. You have it and you want the whole world to receive the very same thing you have. A truth that if people really believed it their lives would never be the same again. The excitement of this knowledge goes beyond explanation into the reality of the true existence of human beings. How far would you go to tell someone about this?


      Life as I knew it changed drastically when my husband of twenty six years died on me. I had been a Christian for more than thirty years of my life and I thought I knew what it truly meant to be one. I was a Pastor who thought I knew the Lord. I loved Jesus with all of my heart. That is at least what I believed at the time.


     It was not until I lost everything that I really came to terms with my life and the purpose to it. We live our lives and yes we do feel that we hold the power to our own destiny. To accept anything less than feeling we are in control of our world is a bit too scary for most people to grasp. It is not until life gets out of control that we finally recognize how vulnerable we really are. How easy it is to crumble when emotionally we just can’t handle the pressure. Some of us are better equipped to deal with trauma than others but the fact of the matter is we all have a breaking point. The breaking point meaning that the moment in time when we feel we can not go on and the pressure is so great you literally feel like you are going to explode. You are so upset that you feel death at your door step and you are grasping for a way out. You are searching for someone to come and rescue you. You are pleading in your own soul to be set free. Life at that moment holds no answers and if you could you would end it. Some people do end it by suicide.


     We point fingers at those who actually take that final step of suicide because we feel there weakness is pathetic. Unless you have been at that point of no return you will never understand the heart of a poor soul who has been convinced that ending it all is the answer. I did not get that far in my world of sorrow and loss but the stress my body felt was torture. I was beside myself and my life was filled with turmoil, heartache and emotional fatigue.


     I want to really focus on the solution rather than the problem because I know most of us reading this can relate to true sorrow. Once again I thought I was walking as a child of God but true reality hit me when I needed to know what life was really all about. It was no longer enough for me to get up each day and do my thing. My life as I knew it was filled with devastation now so I wanted to get out. I literally could not deal with this world as I saw it every day. There just had to be more than being a believer in Christ and living in this world of sorrow. I truly loved the Lord but just did not connect to His Kingdom as I was meant to. The way I got out of my emotional trauma was to finally realize how to step into the Kingdom of God right here on earth. When I realized that Jesus had truly brought His Kingdom into this world and there was nothing else that really mattered, my whole life changed. I had to get to the point in my life where this world had nothing but sorrow for me and that is what pushed me to look at my God and desire to be part of His world more than the desire to be part of  my world. The bible tells us that if our lives are more important to us than a relationship with our Father we lose. If we put our selfish needs and desires aside because we love God and nothing is more important to us than that we truly find life and life in abundance. The problem we all have is we are all out to survive in this world and we think we have to concentrate on finding happiness and material pleasures. That could not be more wrong. This world will never cut it for us because we are like our Father God more than we know. No pleasure in this world satisfies without the need to continually receive that pleasure over and over again. The worldly pleasures do not last. The Kingdom of God is forever and when you enter into it you will live forever in it. You will at one point be transferred into the spiritual side of it completely when you die but you will never leave it unless you choose to walk out of it. I recognized how short life is and that my life had no meaning to it other than a relationship with God in His Kingdom. True reality in this world is we are either the children of God or we are not. The children of God are supposed to be walking in His Kingdom right here in this world. Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God was at hand. That means what it says. We can only see His Kingdom through spiritual eyes and that only comes from the Holy Spirit. You can not intellectually figure it out because it takes child like faith to actually believe and see this realm. Children do not question, they just accept what they are told. We need to just accept what our Father has been showing us for quite some time now.


I finally see His kingdom and let me tell you I do not want any part of this miserable world and the lies and the deception and the hurt and the sorrow that comes along with sin. I am quite aware of life as it exists without God but I have found the pearl of great price and I am not about to let it go. We need the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us as we journey through life into the eternal. Take a walk with us into our Father’s Kingdom. It is so exciting! Why wouldn’t we want to be children in God’s Kingdom? It is a safe place to dwell and a place where we find comfort for our souls every day. Life goes on all around us but you see we are in this world but not part of this world. When you finally understand that absolutely nothing happens to us that God does not see , you find comfort in knowing that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord. We can not lose if we step into God's Kingdom. We do not have to understand everything in this life we just have to trust our Father. God will lead us through this life. Jesus promised not to leave us alone so the Holy Spirit was sent to dwell in man to show us how to walk in the Kingdom that we were born to live in. If you found out today that you were the son of a King and had rights to all that the Kingdom had to offer would you refuse? We are children of the most High God and we do have access to His Kingdom. We can be part of the Kingdom of God. This is what Jesus established when he was born into this world. He brought back what the devil stole from us in the Garden of Eden. Thank you our Lord!

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