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   The rain was pouring down and Sarah was watching it from the window. She was glad she was in her warm house looking from the inside out. She noticed that the woman across the street was just arriving home and her thought was how wet she was going to get when she gets out of the car. As she got out of her car Sarah saw her slip and fall. Sarah felt bad about what had happened but it was cold and damp so she watched without making any move to go and help. The woman laid there for a few minutes and still did not move as the rain poured down upon her face. Sara's delayed reaction was a critical mistake at this moment in time because the neighbor not only slipped and fell she went into a heart attack. After watching and not seeing any movement Sarah finally ran across the street and found her unconscious. She quickly called 911 and thank God they arrived in time to save her life. Sarah learned an important lesson that day. Because of her not wanting to get wet she almost did not make it in time to save another persons life. There is no greater love than if a man lays down his life for his friend. Heroes are born every day when they take quick action to rescue another without regard for their own safety. That is what Jesus did for us! Think about it!


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