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     My Dearest Children, I am writing this letter so you can respond to me as your Father. I know it is so hard for you to believe that I the creator of all would bother to speak to you. You really do not remember the time when we walked together in the garden. Your souls have been so programmed to be far from me that you know not what you do. We were once very close in heart and soul. When we walked and spoke together daily we were best of friends. Is that hard for you to see? Yes it is, because even now as you read this your heart and soul doubt if this is possible. You wonder how could I write to you in this way. Who is this person that would dare to speak as if I myself were writing to you. This is where I ask you why not? I am the Alpha and the Omega,the beginning and the end and why would I not continue to communicate with my children. There are those who have been given the anointing to speak my words to the world. I have always singled out prophets and ministers to carry out my desires upon the earth. After the fall I will ask you what changed? An enemy came and stole you away from me. I watched as he inspired my children to step into his perverted world of lies and deceptions. I watched as he destroyed what I created to be beautiful. I placed you eastward in my garden to be part of me forever. My heart was to create you to have complete fellowship with me and love me and have joy. Did I not place all around you in the garden everything that was beautiful to the eye and animals to enjoy. Oh my children how my heart longs for the day when once again you will not doubt and know that I Am that I Am. I knew what would happen but I still made you in my image and likeness. You have strayed so far from that truth that to even believe that I am speaking to you now is almost impossible for you. There will be some who read this and will cry with emotion at my heart. There will be those who think how dare anyone speak on my behalf. They did the same thing to the prophets of old. There are prophets today as the prophets of old were and they are speaking on my behalf to enlighten the world as to their destruction if they do not return back to me. It has always been that way and it will always be that way. I am the God who will reign supreme and you as my children will come and worship me in spirit and in truth. I see your hearts and I know your every thought. I am a just Father and would never do anything to hurt you. Most of your suffering is lack of knowledge and disobedience to my word. Believing is the only way you can enter into my Kingdom on earth. You do not have to die to be part of me. I have given my Spirit and He is Holy. He will guide you into all truth. The three of us have been one and will be one with you if you allow us to come in and dwell with you. How far have you strayed from me? I ask you how much do you believe in me. Am I just a Sunday God to you? Am I a God that you worship daily as you live your life. My children always came to me in praise and my glory fell upon them that they could not stand. Is my Kingdom a fairy tale that man created for his own amusement or is it real? I will show the world my power before the return of my Son. They will see signs and wonders and will not be able to dispute that I am the God of this universe. They will fight me all the way to hell as they determine they do not want to be lead by me. They will walk into destruction because their pride has become so great they can not look beyond their own selfish desires. They will miss the blessing of being my children and will walk with the evil one right into his fallen kingdom. They will be so blinded they will not even realize they are on the road to destruction. They will laugh and be merry in their sins and will be side swiped by the return of Jesus my most precious Son. The world will be swept away but you my children will know the truth and it will set you free. The sooner you know that I do speak to my children through my Spirit the sooner you will have fellowship with me again. I will speak through my prophets and they will talk loud and clear to anyone who will listen and come into my Kingdom. I do not will that anyone would perish, but they will. They will not hear me but you my child will see that I Am that I Am and I am speaking plain and clear to you. I love you with an ever lasting love and will never leave you nor forsake you. Through every trial you go through I am with you and will direct your path. Keep the faith and do know that I will always be on the thrown. You may not believe all that I say because you do not understand but I assure you in time my children will become one with me in a way you have never been before. The garden experience will come back where we fellowship every day and you hear my voice. You can only hear my voice through my Spirit. Will you listen? Why do you doubt that I have written this letter to you. I wrote the bible through men who were filled with my Spirit. Can I not write a letter through a person who too has my Spirit and my interest at heart. Yes I can and I am. Why doubt? Just listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. I am telling you that I love you. Why do you say you love me and do not do the things I ask you to do? Why do you call Jesus Lord and do follow Him? Why do you believe what this world tells you rather than what my word tells you? Why do you not listen to your heart rather than your mind? Are you one of my children? You know them by their fruits. My children are recognized by the way they act and the way they love one another. There is no other way but by love that I show the world who I Am. I have righteous judgment because I as God have the right to judge the actions of my people. I ask you why you do not believe in all that I say? Do not stay in the middle without any real conviction either way. Either be on fire for me or be against me but do not say you believe and do what ever you choose to do with your life. You are either my child or you are not. I ask you again. Are you my son? Are you my daughter? Search your very soul and decide before it is too late who your allegiance is to. It is either me as your God or the evil one who will take you down with him when he falls.


                                                                                                                  Your Father

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