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Let us open to 1 Cor. 12 and read the gifts.


The word of wisdom: revelation about the future.

The word of knowledge: revelation about a past event or present situation.

Faith: supernatural knowing of something that is going to happen as God is moving in to make it happen.

Gifts of healing: people get healed or situations get healed but not instant.

Working of miracles: instant results in a situation or a physical healing.

Prophecy: inspirational message from God to edify, exhort or comfort you.

Discerning of spirits: detecting demons, angels or knowing what a person’s human spirit is all about. Being able to see into the spirit realm and know what is going on.

Divers kinds of tongues: speaking unknown languages that personally you have not learned and the language of the angels.

Interpretation of tongues: you get the understanding from God what the person has said who spoke in tongues.





These gifts can operate and manifest themselves in many different ways. A few ways that we have experienced God revealing something are.


Dreams: you have a dream that comes directly from God using one of the gifts. Make sure you don’t start thinking every dream is God speaking to you. These dreams are very real and you can wake up from a sound sleep as the dream has played out and you get a knowing that God has spoken.

Visions: Can be seen a few ways. One is you actually see a picture in front of you like a screen showing you, an open vision. You can have what is called a closed vision, which means you will see it in your minds eye.

Feeling: You will just know that you know the feeling you are experiencing is from God about the circumstance or person.

Manifestation: It happens for you. The thing you’re praying for just happens like a healing or the circumstance changes. The gift in operation motivates you and you speak it out.



Remember all the gifts we have learned about must operate with the fruits of the Holy Spirit or they mean nothing. The fruits are the personality of God in His Holy Spirit in us. We have to connect to His person and reflect Him rather than reflecting our own fleshly negative feelings that we so often experience. In Galatians 5:22-23 we have a list of the fruits.



Love (1 Cor. 13)


Peace (contentment no matter what the situation is)

Long-suffering (patience) (being able to wait)


Goodness (to be generous)

Faith (believing without seeing)

Meekness (humility) (to lower your importance) not better than someone else.

Temperance (self-control)



The bible says that if the gifts operate without the love and the other fruits they are of no value.

1 Cor.13 Let us read this chapter as we come down to the true meaning of love and what it is all about to be a child of God. We are in this world but not of this world. We should be different in our actions and our deeds for the world to recognize. If we are the same as the world then why would we be called the children of God? Most children act like their parents and learn how to act by the example of their parents. If you had a bad example then most likely you picked up the same bad habits and might not be living the right life. If you have become a child of God then you should be following His example and showing His love to all you meet and see. It is time for the body of Christ to truly love their Father and be the children He desires for us to be. Of course we will make mistakes at times but we should be living the life He desires for us to live and be receiving the full blessings He has for us. We are going to receive His Holy Spirit and His power from on High. We need to treat Him with honor and the praise that He deserves. The power of the Holy Spirit is the way to being able to walk in victory over this flesh. The baptism enables us to tap into the supernatural power of God so we can live the abundant life that is promised to us in the word of God. 

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