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Inspiration For Our Souls



Sept. 1st, 2014


     Rejoice in the Lord because the sky is always shining down from heaven the love of God! You can walk by faith and not look at each situation and try to analize it. We can never figure it all out. The Holy Spirit will make you understand what you need to know. The rest is not our problem and we can smile and have peace if we stop trying to figure it all out. Peace is only a matter of not allowing fear to take over. When we trust in God we will believe He actually knows what He is doing with our lives and it will all have some kind of purpose in the end. Today if you choose you can stop getting so annoyed at your life the way it is and believe that you are loved! In the long run it will not matter what we went through because it will have brought us into the Kingdom! Every thing you go through leads you to the Kingdom of God if you are truly one of HIs children. That is why we rejoice always as we have that kind of trust in our Father! Have a blessed day! 


Sept. 2nd, 2014


     Whatever is on your mind this morning whether it be sadness or joy I would like to tell you that we will make it through! The reason for this is that God has such a hand on our lives that evil can only go as far as he is permitted for the ultimate plan God has. You can see this messed up world but God really does have control over it. Evil is making its move to take over and as planned it will succeed for a time. The Christians will be persecuted and we may think why should we have to deal with it. Are you in love with the Lord? If your answer is yes then you are a true bride for Christ. The rest are either lukewarm or cold. We are either on fire for God or we are not. We are either a faithful bride to our husband , the Lord, or we are not. Jesus loves us with passion! How much passion do we have for Him? That is the question every person has to answer. The test of life will show us to either be true or false. We will either follow the world into destruction or we will stick to Jesus and wait for His return. When you are in love with someone nobody can step in and ever take their place. True love never fails and even though in this life we may find true love more than once if a spouse leaves us, the love we receive from Jesus can never compare to that. Above all else our hearts should be focussed on the Lord! Keep your eyes looking up for our redemption will come and we are not to put a timing on that! It will be when the Father decides!  Be happy and enjoy life! Enjoy life no matter what you are going through because once again there is a good reason for it, even though you may not understatnd! God knows exactly what He is doing with each of us. This is truth!


Sept., 3rd, 2014


     Patience! How hard it can be. Really? I figured out why we struggle so much with waiting. We want things our way. We do not want to suffer so if we are hurting we want out. If we have been waiting to find true love we get disturbed because after all who wants to be alone without someone to love. We feel we have needs to be met every day., We all want to feel great and be happy. Is that so wrong of us? No, it is not. This world creates unhappiness and we walk right into it. We walk into it by focussing on each thing that bothers us and we get angry about it so we get depressed. When we can not change a situation to our liking we act like a child who wants the cookie before dinner. We tell them they have to wait until they have eaten something healthy first. How the child hates it. We are no different in our adult world as we have our own temper tantrums when we do not get what we want. What is it we want? Half the time we don't even know. God knows better than we do what will work and will not. He will  choose the best path for you so you can come to the knowledge of Jesus and become like Him. Why do we have to be like Him we may say. We are our Father's children and we will act like Him. We are learning what it is to be a child of the Most High God whether we want to or not. The more rebellious we are the more  we make ourselves suffer. Trying to make life turn out the way you want it too can be in direct conflict with  God. He truly does know what is best for each of us and we really have to chill out. His timing is always perfect even when we get frustrated with waiting. How do we get this? We listen to what is truth and we stop complaining each day and look up to our King. Yes , Jesus is King and is worthy to be praised.We think we are in control of our own lives and we do not want a God to tell us what to do but that is where we err because God only tells us what will ultimately bring joy and happiness to our souls. In all this sorrow down here we will see that He was the one who rescued us every time and was there to comfort us. God did not create this world as it is and I for one get upset when we make Him out to be the bad guy. We say why did you do this God and why did you do that God and He did not do any of it. We blew it in the Garden. Now we all have to deal with evil. Let's stop blaming God for our own disobedience to Him and accept what happened and move on with Him as our loving Father. He will help us in every thing that happens. We will not be totally free until Jesus returns! Until then keep the faith my brothers and sisters and rejoice today in spite of this life. That 's what will get us through! Our earthly lives will perish and we will get out of these bodies that are dying because of sin. We will all have new bodies that do not get sick and there will be no more pain. Hold on because we will escape with Christ by our side! Amen to that! This is truth!


Sept., 4th, 2014


     I woke up today dreaming of a person from when I was in elementary school. We had been friends but there was an incident where she received an award that I truly felt belonged to me at the time. Her Father was a big shot on the school board and it just seemed that this award was given to her because of it. I had dreamed of receiving this award and the whole school talked about me getting it. I strived to be an A student and achieved my goal but when it came to recognizing my achievement I was not. She was singled out as the achiever when in actuality she was not. Nobody really even liked her very much. She was unfriendly and this award was for a person who every body liked and looked up to. This was not who she was so I  was very disappointed at the time and was knocked down in my soul.  This dream last night brought back all these feelings and I realized why I had it. First let me say that you might be thinking who am I to feel I deserved the award. I was voted class President in elemenary school every year since first grade. I had a 96.6 average in my sixth grade year and was an A student every year throughout school. I was well like by all including the teachers for being such a good student who followed the rules. I am not bragging but it was just the way it was. To make this short I felt so slighted that it brought my soul down for a long time after that. I could not understand why I did not get acknowledged for my achievements and it was quite upsetting to me. As an adult I can see that God is showing me that we should not be looking to get praise from men or acknowledgement for our good works. What we are and what we do is unto the Lord and He will reward those as He sees fit when we enter into heaven. Rewards are not really for now in this life. We do get awards for achievements here but that is not what matters. We should not be looking for any praise from men. When we do something with purpose and meaning to it , God will see and that is all that is necessary. It taught me that my value as a person had nothing to do with my receiving this award. Man did not acknowledge me for my efforts but God did. His favor has been on my life always and that is all that really counts. In school we had so much peer pressure and trying to be popular that we lost site of who we are. We are children of God and we are to please Him not man. Man will let you down all the time the bible tells us and I am sure we all agree with that! Look to God not man for your assurance in this life and you will be so much better off. This is truth and have a great day! 


Sept., 5th, 2014


     Listen to this! I was talking to my husband this morning about being best friends and how when we were all children we had friends that we played with and actually had fun. We felt free and alive full of excitement and adventure! What happened to that way of thinking over the years. We all grew up and became disturbed about life and the pressure of responsibility. We stopped just enjoying the time we had each day with friends and family. Our innocense was lost so to speak. We as adults feel sorrowful for our lives and we stopped looking forward to each day with antisipation of happiness! We wake up feeling miserable and we go to bed feeling the same way. What if we all rememberd how it really is to be a child and be the children of God that we are supposed to be. Free! Rejoicing, in expectation of what His plan is for us! I am so excited about my life each day that I hate to have to go to bed at night! I have so many things to do for the Lord and the joy it brings me keeps be filled! I performed a funeral last night and the thought of him getting into heaven made me feel free! I told the family to take a look at eternity where he is now and be happy in your soul for he is free. He lived to a ripe old age and went home. Sad for the family to live without him for awhile but we will all be together. Our loved ones are coming back with Jesus in the air and those who are alive will be caught up in the air to meet them and our Lord! That is wonderful news and it is truth!  Go back to your youth in your soul and start getting excited about what God is doing with your life. He is doing something even if you do not know it. This is truth so have a great day! Nothing is impossible with our awesome GOD! He does love you! Love is the most powerful force in this universe and our Father sent His only Son to take our p[ace on that cross! Hold on for He is coming again!


Sept. 6th, 2014


     I think most of us know the Our Father, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus told us "repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand." What did He mean by that? That means there is a Kingdom and that Kingdom is at hand which means it is here. If it is here then where is it? That is the question. I say it is functioning all around us every day! We may not see it but it is more real than we are. This is because this Kingdom is not of this world. The spiritual Kingdom that is existing side by side working with us is eternal. This world is not. The angels in this Kingdom have jobs to do just like we do. The evil demons have tasks to complete too. If we are not aware of this Kingdom we are in the dark. Jesus came to announce this Kingdom to us as He is the King of it. This Kingdom is God's and He has given it to us. He told Peter that He was giving him the keys to this Kingdom. That was because Peter was given revelation by God that Jesus was the Christ the Son. Peter saw the truth about Jesus and this Kingdom. He went on to do mighty things for the Lord! This Kingdom exists with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is the one who is motivating the Christians to walk and operate in this Kingdom. The power of God is real and His kingdom functions all around us. It is a matter of how open you are to it. Once you grab hold of this truth you can be baptized with the Holy Spirit and He will take it from there. He will show you this Kingdom and make it more real to you than this life. It is absolutely amazing and I have seen it first hand. I have winessed true miracles and that is why I am so inspired to write every day! I get up with such antisipation of my day tha I can hardly contain myself. That does not mean I do not have my problems like we all do down here. It just means I see a solution to it all. God will redeem us from destruction. We will see His glory shining in this dark world if we look up to Him. He will show you the answers to your problems. Our Father who is in heaven and Holy is His name is always looking out for you and me. Never believe different because that is the lie of the enemy. Yes, we do have an enemy. Evil wants to convince us that life is meaningless and we are just here with no purpose. If we all were walking in God's Kingdom we would be seeing miracles all the time. We would be rejoicing daily with our God in worship and praise unto His Holy name! We are clueless as to the magnitude of His Kingdom! Some of us have walked into it and we are overwhelmed with the reality of it.  Your life will not be the same once you enter into this Kingdom right here on earth. Get out of yourself and look and see this Kingdom is so wonderful that you can truly find joy even in the midst of suffering. The joy is because we know we will escape this corrupt world that exists. I for one live each day expecting miracles to happen! How about you! Have a blessed day! This is truth!













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