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Inspiration For Our Souls



Sept. 7th, 2014


   I hate when the alarm goes off in the morning! Oh! no, I still want to sleep and I can not! The battle begins with my will and what I have to do. It seems funny but this is what we deal with each day! Our will motivates our every action. I either get up or I lay in bed and fight what I have to do. We all have emotions that we fight with all the time. If we turn our focus on God when we get up we will see that He is wonderful! We will stop looking at oursleves so much and what we need and realize He has it all covered each day! We can, with gladness .get up and expect His will to be accomplished for us. Instead of dreading the day we can look forward to having fellowship with Him. This is how it is supposed to be for Christians. Praise! praise! praise! I say unto the Lord of Glory! Stop and listen to the Spirit this morning as He tells us to bow down before the thrown of God and feel jubilation! If that sounds too much for you to take then you are missing it! Get in the Spirit today and your life will never be the same again! i can not wait for my body to wake up each morning so I can dance and sing unto my Lord! It is truth I tell you. Try it! We dance with all kinds of music and think nothing of it. How about praise songs. They are great! If you can not get up and dance just sit and picture yourself dancing because one day you will dance again before the Lord! We have a CD coming soon that you will be able to get with songs the Lord gave us and we both sing and play the songs on it. The songs are so inspiring that I can not stop listening to them myself even though we are  the ones singing them. This is because the Holy Spirt is the one who created each of them for the Glory of the Lord! We were meant to be in the spirit with these bodies following the Holy Spirit. We were never meant to follow our flesh! Get yourself motivated today! This is excitement in the Holy Spirit as He assures us we are loved! 


Sept., 8th, 2014


      I stayed up way too late last night so when the alarm went off it was that, oh! no feeling. I just sat up and said to myself, "ok! you can do this." I looked up to the sky to acknowledge my Father God and I got up and started the day. Each day brings new challenges for us but each one is a learning process. Believe it or not God watches and knows what we go through and our response to each circumstance shows Him where we are at. The perfecting of us as His children is all part of being in His army. We do not get to choose who belongs to His army,He does! We are to be conformed to the image of Christ the bible tells us. Why? We are the children of the Most High God and He will not settle when it comes to it. We are considered the bride of Jesus as the church and only true love will prevail. Our love for Him shows in every decision we make whether we are aware of it or not. The emotion of love is very powerful. Evil sees it as weakness but that is just not true. If you have love for someone and they did not return that love back to you and used you as a person because of it God saw your purity in it. Love never fails and God's love for mankind was shown by the cross. If you love Him you will end up acting like Jesus! He is our Lord and being like Him is the ultimate victory for the Christian. We are more like God than we know. Acting like Jesus is what it is all about down here. We have our priorities backwards in this world. We look at life and try to accomplish all these worldly things and they get us no where. We feel empty. Living for God is the only satisfying feeling we can have that is lasting! Recognizing God's Kingdom and walking in that truth makes us see life totally different than the world does. We then know who we are and why we are here. We connect to the one who created us and we receive love from Him and we too feel love for Him. Caring about others is a great feeling! Caring only for self is not satisfying at all because we were never meant to be selfish. Giving of oneself is rewarding. The more we act like Jesus the more peaceful we feel. Let us be a true bride to the Lord today! Stop fighting HIs will for your life and accept whatever situaton you are in. He will use it and you will come through as a better person for it. If we all just cared a little bit for each other this world would be a different place. We can start with ourselves as we love one another today! Love is power not weakness. God loves you and just wants to be close to us. He will help us all be free one day from this corrupt world we live in because of evil. Hold on and know God has you in the palm of His hand! He will not let you go. Make sure you do not let Him go either! If you do not know Him then ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will! Have a great day! Talk to you tomorrow! Check out the rest of the site. There are some really inspirational true stories and teachings that will lift your soul! 


Sept. 10th, 2014

     Yesterday the server was down all day and I could not write anything so we need a double inspirational message today! Holy Spirit give us something to hold onto this day as we all go about our busy lives. Waiting for situations to be changed can be very hard. None of us like to suffer. I for one hate to wait. I like to take care of issues immediately and when I can not control the outcome I get very tense. Life has so many unpredictable things that can happen and many times we have no control over the outcome. God is the only one who can heal us when we are ill. He created the body to have healing abilities but there are invasions that can come in to detroy our bodies and the body does not have the power to get rid of it. That is when we as believers rely on our God to step in and help us get delivered from whatever has come to destroy us. We are not alone without a helper down here. He is the Holy Spirit and He is performing what we call miracles every day! Realize this day that He is with us and will comfort us! He is here to lead us to all truth! Read Romans 8 and you will be amazed at what God"s intensions are for us as His children! It is truth! Have a great day! 


Sept. 11th, 2014

     We all remember this day! It was a nightmare for all of us as we watched the towers go down. I had family whose lives were spared that day but so many lives were taken by pure evil. Evil is out there and still is. If we look at evil and ignore it that does not change it's intensions to destroy. We have to face it head on and confront it with the power of God. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us strength in the midst of dealing with every negative thing we go through. Rely on Him today as you deal with life. Expect good things to happen but when bad things happen let us look up to our Father for guidance and comfort. He is on our side in all this. He is not the one creating all this sorrow. Our Father is the one consoling us and telling us we will be free. We are free in our spirit and soul no matter what we go through if we allow the presence of God to come in. This is truth! Have a blessed day and rejoice in the Lord! It is what He tells us to do! 


Sept. 12th, 2014

     Hey, I have a great idea! How about we all forget our sorrows for a minute while we read this and think about Jesus! Jesus, the Son of the living God! A man who is God and loves us in spite of our shortcomings. He actually forgives us each day for our mess ups if we truly are sorry. There is not one of us who has not blown it in this life. I know I have and I also know I am loved. We have to forgive ourselves and then we can move on. We were never meant to stay disturbed about anything in this world. We are supposed to let things go so we can have the abundant life that Jesus promised us. Abundant life does not mean to be rich, it means to be free!  Enjoy the freedom that Christ gave each of us today! 


Sept. 13th, 2014

     I have decided to tell you a true story today! I am the one it is about and I want you to see that everything I am telling you is truth. I had colon cancer over three years ago and I lost 60lbs. because of it. The tumor was so large I was considered stage three going into stage four. I had problems with my digestive system for awhile and had no idea it was cancer. I thought I was just stressing out and had irritable bowels. As a Christian for many years, who saw miracles, cancer was the last thing on my mind. I would have never thought I would get something like that as a believer. I was dealing with my husband at the time who was very ill and the trauma of that created a vulnerabilty in my soul. Anyway, I was sick and I was dying without even knowing it. After loosing so much weight I felt the lump and my doctor sent me immediatley into the hospital. The tumor was removed and thank God it had not entered into my lymph glands yet. I just blindly trusted the Lord with my life. My husband passed away before I found out I was dying too. Why am I telling you this? There is always a way of escape in this life. Death is a way of escaping even if we look at it as sorrowful. We will all leave this world at one point in time to be with our Father. Trust Him with your life. If you are in a bad way and feel alone and scared you are not alone. God loves you and will see you through. Death is not some terrible thing we go through. It is victory for the child of God. Remember who we are and never doubt how much God loves you. He will take each of us home when it is the time. Eternity is forever and we will be with Jesus rejoicing! Rejoice today for your life. It is forever! I have been cancer free! I owe the Lord my life and will preach this message of love and deliverance until He takes me home! 






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