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Inspiration For The Soul


Aug. 23rd, 2014


     Another rainy day in the neighborhood! Oh! Well! No sense in complaining. It will not change the weather situation. What I can change is my attitude for the day! Instead of looking at the rain I am going to focus on rejoicing in the Lord always as the bible tells us too. That might seem corny to you but the truth of that is we can have joyful feelings because God loves us. We need to get out of ourselves and our negative feelings about the day. Stop! See that rain or shine you are very much loved by God. He wants you to have peace in the midst of storms. Can you see that? If you can not see that you are still looking at the clouds. Look at the SON! It shines very bright in the souls of those who let go of self and return the praise and honor He, Jesus, deserves as a King! Have a great day! 


Aug., 24th, 2014


     I love Sundays! This is the day I get to sing praises to the Lord and preach! When you are in love with Jesus all you want to do is spend as much time as you can with Him! Church, when the people are filled with the Holy Spirit and are actualy praising the Lord. It is extremely uplifting! Your soul can enter into a spiritual realm that far exceeds this life. In other words you get so moved by the Spirit you can feel edified and refreshed. It is true when you let go of this life and enter into the Kingdom of God! It is real! The Kingdom of God is at hand just like Jesus told us! Find yourself a Spirit filled church and taste and see that the Lord is good! Don't stay alone in life when you can have fellowship with true believers. 


Aug., 25th, 2014


     Good morning! Yesterday was great! Today I am looking forward to what God has in store for me. We have tp accept the will of God every day for our lives and then we will have peace! There is no way of accepting this life without it.  Life throws us some nasty curve balls and when they head in our direction we do not know which way it will end up. Do not look at the fly ball but look at the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Jesus Christ ,the Son of the Living God , who created the heavens and the earth and will return in the clouds with great glory! Get ready! Excitement in His return will motivate us and keep on doing the work of the Lord as it is edifying to do His will! Have a blessed day in the Lord! 


Aug. 26th, 2014


      Let's see what would be inspiring for today? Fall and winter are coming. That can depress some people as going outside sort of ends and it gets darker earlier and we all feel put out by it. School is going to start and for some parents that's a relief from having to deal with the children and their boredom. Can we get excited about something this morning? Are you having any aches and pains that are distressing you? I have a great idea!  Let's think about Jesus and how loving He is. He did not create this messed up world so He is on our side when it comes to straitening it all out. Can we be a bit more patient while we wait for Him to come back and fix this mess? We don't really want to Lord but we know you are in control. The only way out for us is to think on Him and His unwavoring love for us. We really have to believe that with all of our heart and soul. We will not feel so pressured if we know there is a solution to our problems. Nothing is forever accept eternity. Whatever ails you today can possibly be gone tomorrow. Keep your head up and keep looking towards heaven as our redemption will come! Time is unimportant because God has it all figured out for us already. That is a relief. Jesus will, at the perfect time, take us home with Him to our real home. Get ready! That should keep us going for today! Keep your eyes on the Lord! He is amazing and loves you! 


Aug., 27th,2014


     This will be a day to rejoice! Why is that you say when you have all kinds of troubles you are dealing with? Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice! That is what we are told to do. It is the way of the Christian! The Lord God has every thing under control and we are to believe that! If your life seems out of control it is not. You may have done things to spin it out of control or you may not have. The point is we are all under the umbrella of God as His children and He will make restitution for all the sorrows we have suffered because of the evil one. He will not escape the day of God's wrath. God will be justified and the enemy will be bound up. You might think, what does that have to do with me and my life? It has everything to do with us as the children of God. This whole world revolves around God and evil and we are all part of God's army. We will get caught up with the Lord as He returns or we will come back with Him from heaven in the clouds if we have already gone home. One way or the other we will be with Jesus. Life is all about Him. If we have not gotten to that point where our lives are involved with Jesus then we need to take a good look at this world and why we are here. We are not here for our own pleasure but for God's pleasure. He incorporates His will with our will when we connect to Him through the Holy Spirit. We become one and then we get it. We finally realize the truth and then we are set free! Rejoice in the Lord! It's the only way to go! Expect great things to happen for you! 


Aug., 28th,2014


     I have to search deep in my soul this morning for inspiration! Not feeing too inspirational right now.  The Holy Spirit is always ready to set us on fire so I just let Him say what is on His mind each day and that is how you read all of these. Today I woke up with the word love and how we really do not even comprehend it. We take the word and put it in an explanation that we can understand as human beings and it actually takes away from the true meaning. Love goes way beyond our complete understanding. We are so caught up in self that love is what we decide to give rather than what it actually is suppoosed to be. You see love is not what we feel like giving to a person. It is what God calls unconditional. We love whether we feel it or not. We choose to love in other words. Jesus chose to love us while we were still sinners. He did not reject us because we were messed up. We pick and choose who we will love in life but it is really not that way. We are called to love one another not when we feel like it but all the time. Can we do that? We can if we stop pointing the finger and just realize we all have shortcomings that God is working on. We can then look beyond our emotions to want to judge and just love each other while we are getting changed into the image of Christ. That is what God is doing with His children. We are being taught and changed into being like Jesus, His son!  We too are the sons and daughters of God and will end up acting like our Father! How cool is that! Keep the faith as you move on in life and follow the Lord into His kingdom right here on earth. It is truth!  


Aug, 29th, 2014


     I looked out my window and the clouds were there and I felt gloomy as it seemed that the day was going to be rainy. I took another look though and went to check the weather for the day and it was just foggy this morning and the sun will come out. That is life. It may be cloudy or foggy as we wait for answeres to our prayers. We look from day to day at the weather of life and how it looks to us. When our relationship with God gets deeper we realize that it is not about the clouds it is only about the SON! We get our eyes off of the weather and know that it really does not matter what condition the weather is in. Whether we are ill or poor or just down right unhappy we can see that Jesus is alive and is coming to get us! The rest of the problems we deal with are really meaningless in the whole picture. Everything you are going through right now in your life is for His purpose and plan just for you! Yes, just for you on a personal level. He has allowed whatever you are dealing with just so you will come to the conclusion that Jesus is the Christ and He is the King of KIngs who will reign forever in His Kingdom and we will be with Him for eternity! This life is short and to the point! What point is that? Creating all of us into the image of Jesus! Wow! We are being transformed every day to be like Jesus. Why is that? We are God's children and we have been made in His image and likeness. The enemy has taken us away with lies and deceptions but the Holy Spirit is leading us all to the truth of who we really are! We are God's beautiful children who in our heart of hearts know that truth. It is a matter of recognizing it and then walking in it. Not everyone is a child of God as we were taught when we were kids. The enemy has his own army from when he took one third of God's angels and convinced them that he was going to be the leader. They listened and fell with him. People listen too and will fall with him. We who love the Lord will stand tall with Jesus and live in peace and harmony on this earth when Christ returns. Until then hold your head up high and keep looking at the Son, not the clouds in your life. The sun and the SON is always behind those clouds in your life. The clouds do go away! Rejoice! Today and always we are the children of the Most High God! For eternity! 


Aug., 30th, 2014


     Be real to us Father! We try to believe with our heart and soul but at times it just seems we fail. Fear grips us as life dishes out some really hard trials. Being a warrior in your army can seem very trying at times. We ask for your mercy as we do our very best to please you every day. It is hard to understand why this world is so hurtful but it is so full of lies and sorrows that we really can have a hard time holding onto faith. We do need you Father to keep us walking on this path in your Kingdom.  Your Holy Spirit is so amazing to us and He really does lead us to all truth. I pray we all know Him for who He is and recognize Him when he speaks to us! While we learn who we truly are Father I do pray for your mercy to be with us all as we keep moving forward in our lives. You have the abilty as God to create in us new hearts that will follow you and love you,  just because you are the Most high God. Allow us to see you for who you are as our Father wihtout all these doubts that try to steal us away fo m you. Thank you so much for reaching out to every one of us with love and compassion as we struggle to keep our eyes on Jesus! We acknowledge you as Lord and we will do our best to follow you. Thank you for your patience with us. We love you Daddy and may we bring a smile to you this day! 


Aug., 31st, 2014


     It is going to rain today but I don't care. Gloomy outside but my soul is shining ever so brightly on the inside. I love today because we gather together to worship the Lord! That might sound corny to some but if you are motivated by the Holy Spirit you will love to praise God! You can not help it when the Holy Spirit has control and keeps you inspired. Whether life is gloomy or bright there is always a spark or a flame that is moving the souls of the children of God. The fire of the Holy Spirit keeps us going. How much is your flame burning? If you feel like you just have a few sparks or even if you feel like the flame is not there ask the Father to ignite you and He will. You will become motivated to praise the Lord. I mean to stop and stand in the presence of God and worship Him, the Son and the Spirit! It will come fom your inner most being and you will feel all three as they become one with you. It is the same oneness that is supposed to happen when we marry. You get so close to each other you can finish each others sentences. As you join souls and become so involved with one another it seems natural to know what the other is feeling. Instead of looking at the rain in the sky let God pour down and shower you with the fire of His Spirit!  Ask and you shall receive! It is truth! 













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