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Inspiration For Our Souls


Sept. 14th, 2014

     Where do inspirations come from? There are different kinds of inspirations so it all depends on where they are coming from. We are moved in this world by man, God or the devil. When we get motivated we need to make sure it is positive. Not all motivation comes from God and can be dangerous to our very soul. Anything that is contrary to the word of God is ultimately done to create torment. I write these short to the point messages to help us all get some sort of motivation each day! They are meant to show us the way to being peaceful by seeing life and how each of us looks at it. I look with the eyes of the Spirit no matter what I am feeling or going through. I do my best to be like Jesus! I know in my own ability I can not but I never try. I allow the Holy Spirit to speak His words of truth each day to my heart and without going by my feelings I follow His lead. Feelings will keep us back most of the time because we are vulnerable to emotional attack. Stand fast today on the truth of the word of God and resist the devil and he will flee from you. He will fail because Jesus has already gone to the cross for us! Keep this in mind as you go through your day today and everyday! This is truth and you are loved! 



Sept. 15th, 2015


     How did you wake up today? Are you happy or sad? Take your feelings right now and throw them out the window. Now look up to heaven and see God as your Father! See Jesus as His Son and recognize yourself as one of God's children. You are very much loved this day and every day! It does not matter where your life is at. God loves us and will be with us always. Jesus died to set us free! Look in the mirror this morning and see that we are all flawed but we are all loved and will be perfected. The perfecting is making us like Jesus! You see even though we can see our own flaws we can also see that God is not finished with us yet and when He is done we will have been transformed into the image of Jesus! If that seems impossible you need to take a deeper look into His word and know that this is truth. Have a great day in knowing you are a child of the Most High God and you are very much loved. 


Sept. 16th, 2014

     I am a bit of a weather bug. I enjoy watching the sky and looking at what each day is going to bring. I follow closely when a storm is going to hit so I am prepared in case we lose lights or may not have running water. Most times my preperations were not necessary but there have been a few when I was ready and my candles were right there. The point is that Jesus  told us to look for the signs that show His return. Will we be ready for these end times? I don't know about you but I for one feel it in my soul. Times will be rough but there is also an excitement for the Christian. The bride waits for her husband and is ready for Him. The church is the bride of Jesus! Are you ready for Him or are you doing your own thing? Make your choice today how much you love the Lord. He is always waiting with open arms but when He does come it will be swift and there will be no time to make that decision. Our decision to love the Lord and follow Him rather tnan our sleves needs to be made now! Today is the day of salvation. If you are not living for the Lord turn around and follow HIm. It will be the best choice you ever made. This is truth! For those of us who already know Him keep rejoicing! Life is never dull when you walk with the Lord! We are always learning something new so every day counts. Keep the faith! 


Sept. 17th, 2014

      Winter is coming. When it is cold outside, we make sure we keep the fireplace burning. We have enough sence to know if the fire goes out we will freeze. You may not know this but The Holy Spirit gives us power and fire. The fire keeps us burnining on the inside where our spirit and soul are. If we neglect the spiritual fire that burns from within the light will grow dim. This is not because it wants to but because we allow it. You see The Holy Spirit has a personality just like we do and He will not override our will. If you want to be on fire for God , then you have to be the one who keeps His spark alive. To do that you must open your heart to His Truth and allow Him to motivate you for the glory of the Lord. It is so simple we miss it every day. Rejoice in the Lord no matter what and His fire will burn so brightly that others will see that you are a child of The Most High God! It is an honor to be one of His children! 


Sept., 18th, 2014

     I have a 16 year old mini poodle who I love very much! She has gotten to the point where she no longer has control over her bowels. I am sure you get my point. She has a wart that she chews and makes it bleed. She has begun to have problems walking too. The worst is she smells. She pretty much sleeps all the time and having to pick up after her has become a bit of a pain in the neck. This dog had puppies over the years and saved my life many times from financially going under because of the sale of those puppies. I find it really hard to just have her put down because she is now creating issues for me. Yesterday I prayed a prayer to my Father about what I should do. When an animal can no longer exist without suffering we make the final decision as to whether they live or die. We have been given that authority over all the animals in this world. Cruelty to an animal because we have the power to be abusive is uncalled for. Just because we may be stronger than an another individual does not give us the right to be abusive. We have those of us who are strong willed and those who are not. The same way I see my animal and love her is the same way we should look at those who are weaker. We need to give each other the benefit of the doubt before we make choices to reject or accept. For now I have chosen to give my dog a bath and hope for the best. When I have to make the decision or when she just dies the Lord told me yesterday after I prayed that she was just an animal. In other words they are here for our enjoyment and we need to remember what is really important! Everything in this world is fleeting.  What lasts forever is love! We need to love one another. Have a blessed day and make the choice to love the unlovely! God does love them too! 


Sept. , 19th, 2014

     Are Angels real? Yes they are. They are here as servants of the LORD too. They are here for inspiration and they intervene sometimes to save us from harm. The realm that they exist in is more real than where we live. Once you realize that there are Angels with you wherever you go, you will think differently about life. Where they exist is where we will end up. We might as well start getting used to it.  Jesus is in that realm too and we will be transformed in a twinkling of an eye into the same realm as they are in. No more tears and Joy! Joy! Joy! Look up and know that Jesus is coming to get us out of here. That is worth rejoicing over. This is Truth !


Sept. 20th, 2014

     Rainy outside but the Son shines within you! We must stop looking at all the rain and see the Son. It is the only way to make it down here. Get inspired by the Holy Spirit this day! He is the one who comforts the soul. Let Him do His job! He does it very well when we let Him. God Bless  you! Have a great day inspite of what you are going through! We will all make it! We are the children of the Most High God!!!!


Sept. 21st, 2014

      I am not sure if animals go to heaven  but I know we will not be upset if they are not there. Heaven is where we rejoice and are content and we are filled with the love of Almighty God. My dog Princess turned 16 in July and had to be put to sleep yesterday because she was in pain and could no longer function. It was very hard to do and it grieved my soul very much. I shed quite a few tears througout the day thinking of how much I loved her. I will miss her very much but what I know is this life is only for a short time in comparison to eternity. I will think for now that she is running around in the fields of heaven feeling no pain anymore visiting those that I love who have passed away already. The point is we need to know that God sees all our sorrow and He never intended for death to be a part of this life we live. Death is really an escape from these bodies that are aging everyday. Get your mind off of your body and onto your soul. Your spirit is willing to have fellowship with God. The soul may fight it and the flesh will truly fight the ways of God. We have more control of our lives than we think. Free will is a gift from God so we can choose each day what we will do and feel. I choose to look at my dogs demise as a positive rather than a negative. Just because I can no longer be a part of her life does not change what God wants to do with mine. I still have life and I have to choose to either stay sad or accept what happened and know there is a reason for life and death. We all have to face this life and we will all have to face death one day. We need to look at both through the eyes of our Father and know He has our best interest at heart no matter what we will go through down here. We will get up there when it is the time for each of us to go home. Yes, Heaven is our destiny until Jesus comes back! Then we will be with Him on this earth! 


Sept. 22nd, 2014

     Monday and back to work. It all depends on how you look at work. Are you doing the work you are meant to do. We have all been given talents and abilities to accomplish our purposes in this world for God. Each of us has been given gifts of the Holy Spirit to be used. These gifts are meant to go along with the anointing that God bestows upon us. Anointing which means a special or supernatural, as we would call it, ability to do a certain job. Most of us have no clue of our God given abilities. We think we just have all the smarts or all the talents just because. It is not just because it is God given. Ask the Lord today what He has given you to be used in this world we live in for His Glory! It will make your life so much more meaningful! God is still on the thrown! It is great to know that each of us do have a purpose down here. Your life is not empty! It can be filled with the Lord! Just ask and He will come in. Amen to that! 


Sept. 23rd, 2014

     Are you so busy you feel you have no time to stop and take a breather? Most of us are that busy. We have to take time to stop and smell the roses as they would say. Why? Life is so fast moving that if we neglect our own souls and the need to have peace and comfort we will be one big wound up human being. Peace is truly needed to function up to our full potential. We were never made to be in hyper mode all the time. Our bodies need to chill out and be relaxed. The best way to reguvenate our souls is to take a few minutes and stop everything. Find a place of comfort for yourself and focus on God. Allow Him to comfort you after you have dealt with life and the burdens. Let it all go and let Him love you. We were never meant to live these lives wihout God. We have learned to function wihout Him so to speak. The knowledge of God and His love for us through Jesus should be first on your mind. Everything else should come next. When you begin to walk with the Lord your life will never be the same. He makes you realize how loved you really are and that is what gives us peace in the middle of the storms we go through in this world. Peace is knowing your Father God and how much He loves you. He gave His only Son for you and me to be able to spend eternity with Him! That is great news! 


Sept. 24th, 2014

     The bible tells us that there is no greater love then if a man lays down his life for a friend. We have all heard of the passion of Christ because that is exactly what He did. Passion is a word we do not use very often because when we say the word we can feel the strength in its meaning. We walk away from feeling passionate about things because we are fearful of it. If we put all our passion into a relationship we might get slapped back in it. We hold back in our relationships because we are afraid to become too involved. We try to love one another wihout getting connected and therefore we lose the passion. You can not truly love anyone wihout being passionate about it. Love is passion. Either we truly love one another or we do not. It ends up we have more passion for ourselves than any one else. When it comes down to making a choice we usually choose ourselves. Heroes are born out of passion.  At the moment in time they do not think of themselves. They are so passionately involved in the other persons need that they will risk there own lives to help. When was the last time you were passionate about anything or any one. Marriages go down the tubes all the time because passion is lost as life goes on. Our relationship to Jesus dwindles out when we are more focussed on self rather than God. We all have passion wihin our being. Draw strength from the Holy Spirit and let Him bring passion back into your life. Without passion we are just human beings walking around with no purpose. The Christian life should be filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit! Let Him fulfill His purpose in you today! Feel the passion for Him the way He feels the passion for you! True love never fails and it only gets stronger as time goes on. Open up your heart to the Lord today and let Him love you with the passion He has for you! Love needs to go both ways so search within your soul and feel the passion for Jesus! It is in the soul of every Christian!  You just have to let it loose! This is Truth! 



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