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Inspiration For Our Souls





Sept. 25th, 2014

     Attention! Why do we need attention in this life? We want to be acknowledged for who we are and the value of being a person who lives and breaths. When we do not get the attention we need we will within our own being create issues to bring attention to ourselves. The desperation point in where you are at in your life will motivate you. The more insecure we feel about ourselves the more we seek reassurance from others. I know because I was one of those people. I needed reassurance all the time to know I was loved. When I got ignored my soul would feel so empty. I think most of us want to know we are loved. Many of us do not really believe we are and that messes us up. Whether we are recognized by man or not does not change that God loves us! It seems we need to hear it all the time to finally get it. God does love us no matter what we go through. This world will be fixed from the present state it is in and we can look forward to that day. Until that time we need to know without a doubt that God loves and cares for us. Can you accept that today? It truly will change your life. You may still love attention from those you care about down here but it will make all the difference in this world when you accept the love from up above! Have a great day! 


Sept. 26th, 2014

     Who are you? We all need to take a good look in the mirror and see ourselves for who we really are. Do we really love the Lord and does it matter to us. Depending on how serious you are with knowing the truth about Jesus will determine how you live this life. We must face reality when it comes to what we actually believe. Do not deceive yourself if you say you are a Christian and you ignore the ways of the Lord. Every one of us has to come to terms with who we are and what we really believe. Jesus is depending on us to accomplish His purpose with the Holy Spirit. Are you on board with God or is your life more important to you? The word tells us if we lay down our lives for the Lord we will gain it and if we keep control of our lives we will lose it. That means we are either for Him and His will for us or we are not. We all have to stop complaining and start really praising the Lord! He is the Almighty, Awesome God! This is truth! Do you believe that? Have a great day! Rejoice in the Lord! Let's really rejoice in the Lord! 


Sept. 27th, 2014

     Do you get it that we are God's children? What does that mean? it means we are not like the rest of the world. We are not supposed to fit into this life because this world has been compromised by evil. We can not accept this world as it is because we know in our hearts that God had different intensions for us. We need to function in the realm of the Spirit. Yes the Holy Spirit will move us daily if we let Him. We will never accept this life as it is because we know that Jesus will come back and change this mess. That in itself should make us shout for joy! To know we have the Holy Spirit in our being is amazing! When you allow Him He will direct us every day! Is that hard to believe? Listen to your heart your Father is speaking. He does speak to us today just like He did throughout the generations. We are just not listening because we have been molded to the system of this world rather than the Kingdom of God! Seek and you shall find it. The Kingdom of God is at hand! That is truth! Monday will be the next time I write. Check out the older messages they never lose the impact God intends for them to have! Have a blessed day! 


Sept. 29th, 2014

     I got back late last night from going to a good a friends house to bless their marriage. I went into the scriptures about being blessed by God to see what actually happens when God does bless us. The word blessed signifies bowing down before a supreme being in worship and adoration. What happens when we get blessed is God turns that around and pours the blessings that He only truly deserves to receive and shines His favor upon us! In other words He really is the only being in this universe who is worthy to be praised. Man in his sin nature has fallen so far from any form of praise. We may accomplish things here in life but the bottom line is without Jesus we are all unworthy sinners. When God feels favor on mankind which He did by sending Jesus, He takes blessings and sends them to us. It is something we should not take for granted. God at any time can pull back His blessings on man if He so chooses too. We need to acknowledge the precious gifts He sends in our direction every day. God , Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the only beings who are truly worthy to be praised. The blessings He sends down are to be cherished and shared with others to show this world that God is still on the thrown. Humilty is required by us every time we receive one of His many blessings. Thank you Father for blessing us! May we never forget that our very lives are a blessing from you! You and you alone are the one who is worthy and deserving to be honored and praised! This is truth! 


Sept. 30th, 2014

     A new month is about to begin. We watch the leaves fall off of the trees as they turn different colors. The beauty of the colors really signifies the dying of the leaf. The beauty we exhibit also signifies the dying to ourselves into the transformation of Christ! Those of us who are the sons and daughters of the Living God are transforming each day into the image and likeness of Jesus! We have been predestined to become like Him. Why is this? Because He was and is the ultimate of humanity that God created. We have been stained by sin and He was not. We will be cleansed and will walk into His Kingdom. As we learn the truth we will change. if you look back you will see that you have grown over the years. If not then it is time for you to give your life over to the Lord so you can truly live. Until we accept Jesus we are not truly alive. You may think you are but when you finally get it and your eyes actually open up to this truth you can see life for what it is. That is when true rejoicing happens as you look way beyond what you see and enter into the Kingdom of Almighty God! This is truth! 


Oct. 1st, 2014

     This month is when Jesus was actually born. This year I believe it falls on Oct. 9th or very close to it. His birth follows theJewish calendar not ours. If Christ had been born in Dec. I think it would have been too cold in the barn for Him. The reason we celebrate His birth on Dec. 25th is because Constantine decided to have one day where all their God's were worshipped and the day that was picked was Dec. 25th. Talk about an insult to the only true God. Just like the devil to try and take away the Glory that is due Him. His Glory will shine in this world whether the world accepts it or not. We as the true believers shine His Glory everyday. If we let His Glory shine through us people will see it. Let us realize this truth so His light can shine and people can see the love of God. If we connect to Him He will glow in us. Be happy today and remember His birth changed every thing for us! We are the blessed so let's start rejoicing and walking in this truth!


Oct. 2nd , 2014

     The danger we are in as Christians is thinking we are all fine just the way we are. If we are still living in this world and acting like the world we are not following the Lord! We should be so unique that everyone we see can notice we are not the norm. Normal for this life is to fit in and do whatever everyone else is doing. Our daily lives focus on keeping up with the Jones' and we want to impress people with our wealth and accomplishments. The only important things we will ever do in this world is to use the gifts we have been given by God and care about our fellow brothers and sisters. Every good thing comes from above and has been given to us for His pupose. God's purpose will be fulfilled in this world.  Evil will be stopped and we will have the victory because of our Lord! What we need to do is stop trying to do things our own way and let him decide what is actually best for us. He does know what we need so we have to stop fighting and let God be our Father. That is all He ever wanted to be and we from the get go rebelled. We are the blame for this mess and yet God still came to save us. That must mean something. It means He felt we were worth saving! The least we can do is trust Him and allow His Holy Spirit to direct our path into this most real Kingdom that is functioning all around us!   This is truth! Have a great day! 


Oct. 3rd, 2014

     God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Why? Faith, we draw from our inner most being, not our mind. The wise use their mind to think and compute everything in this life. That is not  what moves the children of God. It is our hearts not our minds that make us act like Jesus. The mind will tell you all the time that none of this is real. When in fact it is more real than the world we are living in. The spritual life is what keeps us alive as we are spirti beings in a body of flesh. This flesh will cease to exist one day but our spirits will continue for eternity. We have to listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling our human spirit. If you try and figure it out with your brain you will never get it. Faith is believing in what we can not see which is the spiritual world all around us! That is where all the excitement is going on in this world! Open up your spiritual eyes today and grab hold of this life. It is part of our life and will be forever! Jesus is alive and has sent His Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth! Get excited about your life in His Kingdom! 



Oct. 4th, 2014

     Twenty two years ago today I witnessed a miracle that will never leave my mind or my heart. My son was born dead and the doctors tried with all of their expertise to save his life. They did not. The Holy Spirit rose up inside of me and He gave me the words to come against death.  At that moment in the name of Jesus my lifeless child took a breath. I will never forget it and I will never stop thanking my Lord for His intervention that day! Does God raise the dead today as He did in the time when Jesus walked with men? He sure does! I have seen the Lord do this more than once and it is so amazing that if it were not for the fact that the people are alive my mind would never have accepted it. Remember the mind will always be the part of us that fights the spiritual world we exist in. Look at this day with expectation at the awesome God we serve! 


Oct. 5th, 2014

     Forgive and forget. That is the question. God actually forgives and throws our sins into the sea of forgetfulness. We on the other hand say we forgive one another and yet we just can't seem to forget what was done to us. We hold on to grudges as we call them. Why? We seem to feel justified in holding anger towards a person who we feel has wronged us. Anger eats at your own soul not the person who you are angry at. We all need to let go of lifes hurts as most people do not purposely hurt other people. We are all flawed down here and we are all trying our best to make it in this life without falling apart. Life can throw us some heavy blows but we can take each one with an attitude of forgiveness and keep our eyes on the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. If God cared enough to come down and suffer for us on the cross then we have to take His example and realize He felt we were worth saving. Each of us is accountable for our actions down here and we really need to let go of the hurts. Jesus let go of how we pushed Him to the curb when we listened to the devil. We listen to the evil one all the time when we sin and yet He forgives us daily. He is our example and we need to see that and move on without holding onto all these hurts. Let go and let God love you today! He is waiiting

for each of us to grab hold of His truth and follow Him! Have a great day! 


Oct,. 6th, 2014

     What motivates you in the morning? Think of your feelings as you wake up and that is probably what you personally

deal with all day long in your emotions. With the help of the Holy Spirit you can change your daily attitute. You have to

want to feel different though. Your free will over rides the will of the Father. He will not force us to love Him or follow Him. He will not make you rejoice in Him either. We make this choice and then our emotions begin to feel the joy that comes when we find happiness in knowing Jesus as our Lord. When we really understand that Jesus saved our souls from destruction we do feel happy about it. Not only are we glad we become so involved in who He is as our God that we feel

the urge to bow down and worship Him. We have a desire to lift our hands towards heaven where He is. This feeling of rejoicing is so great that we want to experience it as often as we can. Find the time today to focus on the Father, the Son

and the Holy Spirit who leads us to all truth and you will see yourself rejoicing in the Lord! I mean truly rejoicing in the Lord for who He is and who we are as His children! Rejoice in the Lord the bible tells us. The words of God are truth and they will set you free! 


Oct. 7th, 2014

     Busy! Busy! We are all so busy we have no time to just stop and smell the roses as they would say. Is it really necessary to actually take the time to stop and smell a rose. The point is we never slow down enough to see the beauty in this world. There is so much sorrow and that is what we see daily. If we do take the time to see creation the way God created it we would look at life differntly. We have to look beyond what we see into eternity and know that we will exist

there. No more tears and no more hurt. We will all leave this world one day so how about us looking and seeing God for who He truly is! He is LOVE! We have to stop blaming Him for our own mistakes and our own disobedience to the rules He laid out so we could be happy. Rules or direction are to keep peace and harmony in this life where evil too makes choices each day. We need to know that God has our back all the time and will never leave us. He is going to send Jesus back to straighten all this out. The reason for that is because He (God) does love us inspite of our shortcomings! Meditate on that for awhile and grab onto true love. True love really does exist! We find it through Jesus and if you are blessed you will find it right here on earth! We can as the children of God love one another. We have to make that choice to actually care a

bout one another. Jesus already made that choice! Look and see Him for who He is! 


Oct. 8th, 2014

     Cloudy day again! Sometimes it seems there is no sun. If we want to live in peace we have to see beyond these clouds in our lives. We all have clouds to deal with in this fallen world that we live in. It is our choice how we deal with each trial that comes our way. God is in the process of creating a bride for His Son. We the church are the bride. What would you expect a bride to look like and act like?  The bride for the Most High will be made perfect for her King. Through each trial and tribulation we are being perfected whether we know it or not. Instead of getting frustrated when things look bad, we have to know without a doubt that it is really all in the ultimate plan to create in us new hearts that will merge with the heart of Jesus! That is most amazing and is the absolute truth! Be inspired this day as you are becoming more like Jesus every day of your life. This is for those who allow it. It is not for the world who rejects the Lord! By the way the sun just came out as I am finishing up with this message! Praise the Lord! 


Oct. 9th, 2014

    From last night at dusk through today is when Jesus was actually born! It began the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. It is one of the Lords feasts that accurs in the fall. It's a celebration of when they wandered in the wilderness and the Lord delivered them from it. Jesus came into the world to deliver us too from sin! Joy to the world the Lord has come. The angels spoke this to the shephards as they were tending the sheep. The pastors who are the shephards are the ones who tell the flock who Jesus is and how He came to deliver us from sin! That is why the angel appeared to the shephards as a symbol of the Pastors taking care of the sheep (the children of God). There is joy for this world for the Lord has come and will return again to deliver us from this world of sin and evil. This is the reason why we rejoice in the Lord always! Happy Birthday Jesus and we are so sorry that the ruler Constantine took your day and put it with other God's on the 25th of December.  You are the one and only true God to be worshipped! We will worship you today and every day! 


Oct. 10th, 2014

     Faith! No matter how your life is right now you can look at it through the eyes of the Lord and see that God does have some plan for you. This life is just our journey to our true home with our Father God! We must stop looking at this life as if it is all we have. We focus on things and people and why we are not happy. Happiness is truly a choice. It really is because whether we believe it or not God does know what we are going through. God is the one who gives us the strength to keep on going. We just have to believe that truth! When we really understand who we are and who God is we do look at life differently from the world. We know that there is more than just being here. We know that we are loved. We know this life, as we see it now, is going to change. God will have the final say in all this. Evil will be stopped once and for all! Until that time we are learning how to be part of God's army. Yes, we are soldiers in His army and this is boot camp as I call it. We have the choice to bail out and be part of this world or join His army and find truth and excitement! It is not dull to be in this world with the knowing that you are a child of God! As a matter of fact it is so moving of our souls that we can hardly contain it! We desire  to shout it to the world the truth of who we are as the children of the Most High! When we get it that we are connected to the God of this univerese and we can actually talk to Him and He responds to us our lives will never be the same again! That is worth rejoicing over no matter what we go through down here. Being in an army can be challenging but the reward is fighting for a cause that is worth giving your life for if need be. That is what it is to be in the army of the Lord! The cause against evil is worth it to those of us who understand why! Being in love with our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit makes it all worth it! Love is the greatest power in this universe and evil has not a clue what it means to love! We do! Have a blessed day! 


Oct. 11th, 2014

     We may feel slighted at times by people and that is a normal reaction when we get igored. What we need to know is we will never be ignored by God. He has our back all the time. It does not matter what we go through He will always be by our side to direct us through every situation we are in. Why? Because He loves us with all of His being and we are His children who He created to be one with Him. The devil stole us away and our Father is coming after each of us to set us free and bring us home. Thank you Father for loving us that much! We truly owe you our very lives! Rejoice in that today and every day! 


Oct. 12th, 2014

     Life always seems to have things that need fixing. Just when you think all is good something goes wrong or breaks. I get very aggravated when I am trying to do something and it wil not work right, like these computers. Life in this world is just flawed and we need to just keep looking up for our redemption. We can enjoy the moments that are given to us when we are happy but we have to really look beyond all the sadness and frustration that this life dishes out. If we do not go beyond what we see we will be most miserable. The bible tells us to be comforted in season and out of season. That means even when it is winter and things die and life stands still we can still see the Glory that God has. We can know without a doubt that we are most precious to Him. We can find joy in the middle of this flawed world we live in because we will see Jesus return for us. We as the children of God will be free one day! One way or the other we will be trasformed with new bodies that have no more pain or sorrow. Whatever shape you are in right now I am telling you today that it will all change. Hold on to truth and be not deceived by the lies this world tells us every day! We are the redeemed and do not ever forget it because that truth is all we really have down here. The rest can be gone in a moments time but salvation is forever! 


Oct. 13th, 2014

     The Lord allows us to accomplish His purpose. We may think we have no talent at all but when the Holy Spirit comes into our spirit we begin to show His abilities and the gifts He gives us are most amazing! Most of us have no idea about the gifts of the Spirit. We are afraid to actually believe they are real. Why is it we are so frightened of this supernstural realm? We go by what we can see and anything that is not in that realm is considered unrealistic. If this spiritual realm does not exist then we should not exist either. We are alive because we are spiritual beings in these bodies. Without our spirit man's soul we would not exist. Without God we would not exist. We need to realize who we are! We are spirit beings that function in these bodies. These bodies as we know them will be changed in the twinkling of an eye the bible tells us. If we see with the eyes of our spirit life looks different. It looks so different from the eyes of our Father too. He knows the ending to all this and He is quite confident we will end up with Him. We need to keep the faith now more than ever. Times will get tough and nobody wants to hear this but God's judgement will come upon this earth for its disobedience to Him. That is not mean that is what has to happen because He is a righteous God . Only those who accept Christ will not receive the judgement from Him but we will have to endure the persecution from the evil world we live in. As satan gains more power we as Christians will get more persecuted. It is already beginning as we seem to be the bad guys by telling people the only way into heaven is through Jesus. Either that is truth or it is not. What happens to the small country of Israel will show that God has His chosen people in the palm of His hand. I realized why He tells us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. He wants us to pray for them to recognize Jesus as Messiah. Without this there can be no true peace for them. Jesus came for His own and they recognized Him not.We were blessed with Jesus because of the blinding of their eyes. There will be a number of Jewish people whose eyes will be opened! The clock is ticking so keep your eyes on Israel.


 Oct, 14th, 2014

     I love the Lord! I can not think of any  thing better to do than to tell people how much He loves them! Some of us have a hard time believing that because we have guilt over things we have done in the past. If we have gone to God with our sins and have accepted Jesus as the one who took away our sins we are forgiven for all of the things we have done wrong. It does not give us the right to keep on living lives that we know are not right. If we makea mistake we are human and we do have to realize we fall short of the mark of being perfect. With the power of the Holy Spirit we can walk with the Lord and live lives that are as perfect as they can possibly be down here. We can not beat ourselves over the head just because we are human. What we can do is develop our relationship with God so we find that loving Him is more important than sinning and fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. In other words when you love someone you look to please them. You really try your very best to be caring and loving to them. We walk away from many situations just because we love someone.  Temptation is always out there but love is so great that we walk away from it just to keep the one we love from being hurt. Let us do the same for our God. We have to search our souls and see how much we love Him. He loves us! Can you believe that today? 


Oct. 15th, 2014

     Are we really interested in the truth? If we are than we need to listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. The Holy Spirit is leading us all into the truth of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is real and so is the power of the Holy Spirit! We are not some fools who like to feel good about ourselves. Those that disbelieve in God would tell us we are weak and we need to invent a God so we can feel better about ourselves. If we take a good look at this world there are two forces at work. One is good and the other is evil. Since the beginning of our time we have been battling against evil. Every  movie we see has this message in it because this is truth. I do not believe there is one person on this planet who would disagree with that. If evil exists and so does good how is that possible? There has to be a source of both. If we can see this then why is it so hard to believe in a good God. God is real and we are in the middle of all this. We have the right to choose sides and whatever side you choose will determine your fate. If you stay neutral it will still determine your fate. We either believe in all this or we don't. If we do not take the effort to seek truth then what happens is we stay in the dark. I will end with this. Are you interested in the real truth? Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Him! That is truth! 


Oct, 16th, 2014

     Truth! That is the question! What we need in this world is more truth. We have strayed so far from it that we have embraced lies and deception. Why is it we have such a hard time believing the truth. We do not believe what we are told. Life has lied to us so much that when the truth is right in front of us we just can not accept it. The prosperity gospel that only seems to talk about us getting rich has taken away from true love. People have gotten the theory that if they give to the work of the Lord they will get rich. They see these rich preachers who tell them we can all be rich. I thought we are supposed to lay our lives down for Christ. If that is the case then we should not even care about money. We are told in scripture not to worry about tomorrow for God will provide each day. That does not mean we do not have to work and make a living in this life but it does mean we are not supposed to be obsessed about getting rich or wanting every thing this life has to offer. Material things should be last on our list of desires. We do not go to God as if He is some kind of puppet we command to give us what we want. He is the Almighty and should be reverenced and feared by all. The fear I mean is knowing He is the authority we are supposed to follow and listen to. He is leading us to true love in this life. We are supposed to fall in love with the Lord above all else. It seems we just can not get out of what we want and desire. We all would love to be rich and be happy! If we were all rich and loved this life would any of us accept Jesus? That is the question. How in love with Jesus are we or how in love with ourselves are we. No greater love there is than if a man lays down his life for a friend. Have you put your life aside to follow Jesus? Does it really matter whether we get into heaven rich or poor.  We are already rich when we know the Lord! Being rich is a matter of how you look at life. This life will end for all of us and we will  not be able to show God our bank accounts to get us into heaven. What we did with Jesus will be the only thing God will look at. Do you know Him today? If not ask Him to come into your heart. He will and you will find peace in that. The rest of the blessings we receive in this life are up to Him not us and our greed for success and fame. When we truly put the Lord first above all else then God can give us things. Until that happens we are like spoiled children wanting everything we see. God's love is truth and really nothing else matters down here. 


Oct, 17th, 2014

     Are we really children of God who are filled with His Holy Spirit? Do we really think about it or are we just going about living our lives from day to day? Take one minute out of your busy day today and stop and meditate on what I just told you. In Acts of the bible it tells us we can be baptized in the Spirit of the Living God! That is one of the most amazing things you will ever here besides Jesus going to the cross for our sins. If it all just seems too bizarre to be real you really have to take another look at this world. Watch and see good and evil battling everyday. That is quite obvious. Open your heart and see that we all play a roll in this life. We are not just here to live and die. People make impacts all the time in accomplishing things. We as the children of the Most High God are not ordinary. We have abitities given to us from God. It is up to us whether we embrace the Holy Spirit or keep Him at bay. He will never force Himself on us but will keep leading you to the truth about Him and Jesus! Again it all goes back to truth. That simple word but what an impact it makes when we learn who we really are down here. I have seen miracles and know that it is all real. Take time today and go into some of our videos where we talk about God. Start to open your spiritual  eys and see this most amazing Kingdom that is right here with us. Life is boring? I do not think so. Not when you see this Kingdom all around you! Look and see and have a great day in the Lord! 


Oct, 18th, 2014

     We all fight death. Somehow we have this inner sense that death is really not supposed to be. We want to live. We know deep within our being that death is wrong and life is right. Death allows us to escape this life of sin. Death came upon us in the garden when we accepted what the devil told man and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God wanted to spare us from evil but we had to check it out as we would say. It intrigued man and he wanted to know for himself what eating of that tree would be like. We found out alright. Here we are today because of it. Evil was leashed into this world and we have been dealing with it ever since. These bodies because of sin age and then die. No escaping that reality. We do know it is wrong in our soul. We are created to live forever and we have a hard time accepting death. We really would not want to stay in this world or these bodies that are suffering for eternity. God has to watch these bodies because of sin corrupt. How do you think it makes Him feel to have to watch His creation suffer. That is the reason why Jesus came down to set us free. There is some freedom here too but we will really never be totally free until we get out of here or until Jesus comes back to make things right. Until then the best way to live in this world is to follow the truth. We can live in this world but not be of this world. That makes the difference between the true Christians and those that do not want to know God. There are believers and then there are deceivers. Whose side do you want to be on? Jesus is coming back to fix this mess that we created down here. Walk into the Kingdom of God today by choosing Jesus and then finding out who you really are. We are the children of the Most High God. Do  not ever forget that and He loves us! Have a blessed day! 


Oct. 19th, 2014

     Does God love you? If you hesitated then you still need reassurance that He does. We without a shadow of doubt should know that God loves us. We all need to reflect on Jesus and what He actually went through to wash away our sins so we can get into heaven which is Holy. If that is  not love then what is? Jesus had the power to stop what was happening at any moment in time but did not. He wanted us to be able to spend eternity with Him. Why? Because God is really our Father. He really did create us in His image and likeness. We are more like God than we know. When we finally start to get this trutth our lives do change. One can not realize that we are the children of God and He dwells in us through the Holy Spirit without having a life changing experience. The problem is most of us have heard about Jesus our whole klives and we say we believe in Him but we have no clue as to who He is and why He came or who the Holy Spirit is. Talk about true love! Jesus is true love! You will never find a human being down here that has the love He has. We fall short but He does not. The best of relationships down here still can not compare to what He has to offer us. Let us just sit in the presence of God and allow Him to show us the truth as to how much He loves us. Hold onto His love for you and never let it go no matter what happens. His love is all we really have that will never end. We will be with Him forever one day. This life passes by quickly and we will be free one day from all the sufferings and sorrows. Love has the greatest power in this universe. Evil can not understand it and that is our most powerful weapon against the evil that is in this world. Nothing can seperate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus the bible tells us. It is truth. If we can get out of ourselves for just one minute we will experience His love and never be the same again. Our problem is we have so many negative emotions that keep us bound up we can not feel God's love. Just look beyond your circumstance today and feel His love for you. Yes, He loves you! Inspite of all the things we do wrong at times He still loves us and wants us to be part of His Kingdom. Forgiveness goes a long way. He forgave you and loves you so grab hold of that and move ahead with Him. He will show you the way to go. God bless everyone  today and every day! 


Oct. 20th, 2014

     God gave us His Son, Jesus! Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who leads us to all truth! What truth are we talking about? For one that we need saving. Saving from what? Our sinful nature which will send us to hell instead of heaven. Once we accept Jesus as our savior then we can take the next truth. The Holy Spirit has a purpose to lead us to all the truth we need to be the children of God. We have lost so much truth after we fell in the garden that we walk in this world in the dark rather than the light. The light is recognizing God's Kingdom right here on earth. There are so many truths to learn that it takes us our entire lives to find out and the we do not find out all of it until we get to heaven. Once we realize a truth then we can hold onto to it and expect that truth to be a reality for us. If we are deceived then we stay in darkness. I will give you an example of getting set free from learning a truth. You do not feel well and you go to the doctor. He gives you a diagnosis and gives you an antibiotic to heal the infection you have. He knew the truth but you did not becasue you do not have the same knowledge he has. An alcoholic will only stop drinking when they can admit they have a problem. They realize a truth and then deal with the issue. Being depressed because you do not know you are loved by God is lack of knowing what is truth. When you realize how much God loves you then you can have some joy. It is all about truth and knowing what is truth and what is not. This is the purpose of the Holy Spirit and it is a gift from God to have given Him to us. Let us not ignore Him because He is leading all of us to freedom. Have a great day and rejoice in the Lord always.


Oct. 21st, 2014

     Compromise! We as Christians have to stop compromising with this world. We get intimidated when we are confronted by non believers and we feel uncomfortable standing our ground on what we believe. We can not take a step back when people say that we are not like the rest of the world. In other words we do not do the things the world accepts as normal. When we become one with the Holy Spirit we begin to see His holiness and we then get convicted when we act differently than we should. Every word that comes out of our mouths we should be accountable for and realize that we are representatives of God in this life. If we as God's children can not stand up for holiness who will? We will feel quite unconfortable when we are around people who foul mouth all the time.We will hate things that are just not right. The world will tell us whats the big deal but we will know within our being that it is just not right at times. Those little white lies as we call them are just not truth and we need to stand up for truth. If we start believing the world that  there are other ways into heaven just because they get offended we will be falling right into this life and every one who is going to perish because they accepted what the world told them rather than what God tells us. We really need to get some confidence in what we are supposed to believe. Jesus went to the cross because He stood up for truth! How much do we really believe? Would we be willing to die for Christ if we were confronted with it. If we were asked if we believed in Jesus and we would be killed because of it would we deny Him like Peter did? Peter had the chance to repent. If they hold a gun to my head and I deny the Lord will we have another chance? We never know the day nor the hour we will stand before God Almighty and give account of our lives to Him. There is no compromise for us as children of God. The world will be destroyed and we will be the only ones who make it in if we hold onto truth and do not bow down to the world and its lies and deceptions. Again it comes down to truth and standing up for it. Can we do this for our Lord? We certainly can with the help of the Holy Spirit! We are believers so let us stand fast to what we know is true! Have a great day! 

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