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Making a choice to help anyone takes a compassionate heart!


To reach into our own pockets when we have worked so hard for every penny we make and just hand it over may seem foolish. The suffering of another individual we can all relate to because we have all gone through things in our lives where we have felt life's burdens. If we had all the money in the world would we include feeding the needy. Most of us would without any hesitation because in being human we can not give a deaf ear to those who are crying out.


Whatever you give never goes out in vain because together, the money is not just one dollar or two dollars. It ends up many dollars if we all join our hearts together and care for each other. In my day of possible need I would like to know that somebody had my back and would not just leave me hanging off the cliff. We, as those who are asking, thank you for listening to your heart and giving to help others.


We feed any one who comes to our door and we will not stop doing it because it is the call of God to feed the orphans and the widows and anyone who is truly hungry.


May God bless you!


From all of us at King Of Glory Ministries Walton, NY USA and Kisii, Kenya Africa!


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Thank You!









dedicated to the children of kisii kenya

king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya

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