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When Samson and his wife found us on the internet and asked us if we would please help them feed these children. Our hearts went out to them.
We realized the great responsibility they have of taking care of each of these children.


The children have suffered the loss of their parents and the bible tells us to take care of the orphans. We are asking you to please look at their faces and search your heart to see how they must feel. The last thing they have to go through is hunger. Some of them were found on the streets malnourished. We are asking business' and individuals to donate to this humanitarian cause. We are a not- profit ministry since 1984 and have fed the needy in this country. With the need that we have seen in Kisii we are now reaching out to help them feed the children they have taken in. If there is one particular child that touches your heart we can keep you updated on their lives but just know that all the children need to eat and be taken care of so the monies will go to feeding the entire family of children. The priorities of the money will always go to feeding the children first before anything else.


They do not live like we do in America as they will eat rice and be thankful for it.


We found out that one night all they had to eat was cabbage. It made me cry when I heard this and I thought to myself if I have food to eat then they should too. We are a small ministry and this task is really too large for us alone. I am reaching out to my fellow friends and Christians to think of how their bellies must have felt when all they had eaten was cabbage. I know I would feel terrible and that is why I cry for them. Together we can solve this lack of food issue. Two children drank from a stream the other day and got sick from the bad bacteria and had to go to the hospital. They also need a well with fresh water.


Their facility is broken down and in need of repair.


They need to build another toilet facility one for the boys and one for the girls. It goes on and on the need but the main issue is the nourishment we can give them with food. You can be a monthly participant or a one time giver as your heart gets touched by their beautiful faces. You can see some of them are sad but we can help them recover by showing them we care here in America. What do you say fellow American's!  Are we up for helping this orphanage? May God bless you for the love of your giving and if you can not give money because you can't then we would ask that you would pray for all of those involved in this ministry of love! Have a great day! 

After you have read the Bio on any child, you will have the opportunitty to sponser or donate.


Thank You!

Pastors-Gary and Lois, Samson and Teresa


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king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya