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King of Glory Ministries began in 1984 with helping feed those in need.


The gospel message in James 1:27 says religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

We received an email from Pastor Samson and his wife Teresa asking us if we could help them take care of the children in the orphanage they started. Children were left without parents with the riots that happened some years back and sickness also leaves children alone. Their hearts could not sit back and watch without helping in some way. The orphanage got started. They have sent us their paper work which can be viewed to show they are a legitimate orphanage. We have spoken on the phone several times now because the financial need is so great. We have no idea how blessed we are here in this country.

They have to worry about Malaria and diseases that we have no clue about.

They eat the simple things to just sustain life while we indulge ourselves with all kinds of pleasures. Not to make us feel guilty but to make us realize that we are all called to look at our fellow brothers and sisters and see how they are living and is there any way we may be able to help them. We have the money to help but they have the hard task of dealing with these children and their emotions and sadness of not having their parents any longer with them. Having the burden of clothing them all and feeding them all and getting books for school. Their government does not help the needy like ours does so they are left to fend for them selves unless they find a ministry like ours who has a heart to help them in their struggle to survive.


Please help us help others.


We do help those in this country too! We are not a large ministry and this task is larger than our means unless we can touch a few of your hearts to help us. We are a tax exempt ministry so your donations can be claimed if need be. God bless you and thank you for looking at the faces of these children and having mercy on them.  

dedicated to the children of kisii kenya

king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya

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