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Blessings to you pastor Gary and Lois, how are you this morning? it was good speaking to you by phone, all is well here and we did receive the money you sent, thank you for prayers and support, our prayers are always with you. as i told you over the phone my wife Teresa and a few of the children were feeling unwell, during this time of the year malaria is quite often accompanied with colds, however God is good they are getting better and are under medications. I had to take most of the time ensure all was well. A team from the children department were in our orphanage for inspection, this is done twice or thrice a year for registered charity institutions like ours, after a two day meeting, they advised to check and ensure all is well the following departments:


1. Build a bigger kitchen

2. Build two different toilets for boys and girls

3. Make sure we avail mosquito nets where the children sleep to prevent mosquito biting.

4. To paint and do renovations on the existing rooms.


Pastor Gary and Lois it is important that you get this information, so you can put this in prayer as well, I asked the inspection team to give us time to start working on this, i told them about you and the support you have already given us, they very happy and thanked all of us for this vision. Pastor we need your prayers and support in regard to this, however we need to prioritize this needs, it is important that we build the kitchen and have food for the children, and if God provides us with more funding, then we will have to ensure that we buy nets to prevent malaria infections, the team led by the district children officer requested that when you plan to come to Kenya for missions, we invite them and talk to you. My wife , I and the entire church leadership in Kenya will continue to put you in prayer for God to open for you as you desire to support us spiritually and financially. Thank you pastors Gary and Lois for your heart for Kenya, we love you and may God bless you abundantly.


Pastors Samson and Teresa.

dedicated to the children of kisii kenya

king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya

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