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Brief history of our orphanage


  Love and blessings orphanage home started in the mid year of 2007. This was an experience we underwent during our evangelism programs. More challenges started when for the first time our country experienced post election violence. Many people were killed during this time and many children were left parentless, This raised our compassions as a church to ensure that we started a home for the orphans. Another threat was HIV/AIDS, From time to time couples die of HIV/AIDS. This has also increased the number of orphans in our communities as we currently care for more than 20 kids. We intend to have more in the future. (as much as God opens the way for more friends to come in and support) We thank God for bringing Pastors Gary and Lois on our way.


Surely our God is a God of connections


He is just and faithful to provide all our needs. Your Donations are a  blessing for our children, we most sincerely thank you for your love to our church activities, praise God!!!

The Spirit of God is moving and we pray that you will continue with your love for Kenyan kids and the church, with your partnership with our church things will never be the same Glory be to God!!!. I have given you an estimate of our orphanage Expenses for the next 12 months so you can put it in prayer for God to provide, will you help me put this information on your webpage for all our brothers and sisters in your country to see and pray for.


Pastors Samson and Teresa Nyanduaro

Love and Blessings Children's Home, Kisii, Kenya


dedicated to the children of kisii kenya

king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya

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