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Love and Blessings Children's Home

Kisii Kenya

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We found him in the streets of Kisii Town and he was operating as a street boy. He decided to go to the streets when both parents died during the post election violence in 2008. When we asked him if he wanted to come and stay in the orphanage, the excitement brought tears to his eyes. He is so happy to be in the orphanage where he enjoys a warm and loving environment and he is really excited and enjoys being able to be in school again. His education stopped at 3rd grade when the parents died. He is so bright and talented as the other children are too. Many of them have unresolved sadness and anger  from losing their parents. We thank you for sponsoring this child and any of the other children you may be touched by. They will all be taken care of with love and compassion! 

dedicated to the children of kisii kenya

king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya

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