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Love and Blessings Children's Home

Kisii Kenya

Edmondi Nelson Obare

If you would like to sponser this child, please go to our contact page here:

Edmondi Nelson Obare

Nelson was born out of wedlock. His mother later got married to another man and took Nelson with her. A few years later, Nelson’s mother had a domestic quarrel with her husband. They failed to agree on a few issues. She took the disagreement too far and committed suicide by taking poison. That left Nelson with no relative in that home. The father abandoned Nelson and he was taken care of by his grandfather. Later the grandfather died and Nelson had no hope. A good Samaritan brought him to our orphanage and after we carefully listened to his story we decided to help him. Please pray and sponsor this young boy.

dedicated to the children of kisii kenya

king of glory ministries new york and kisii kenya

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